White Hot City: My Personal Shopping Experience

The name of my blog can be quite comical to some and questionable to others.. this girl can’t figure out what to wear – why should we follow her? I get it, I get it. It isn’t that I have not a clue of what I should be wearing, I just struggle with which outfit I want to wear first. Options are my thing and sometimes I pick too many and spend way too much time deciding which outfit would go great with what day. This may be relatable to most girls, it is a daily struggle… especially after you go shopping!

Serina reached out to me via instagram and I was always curious what it would be like to work with a personal shopper. Would she tell me I am doing everything wrong? Will she push me to buy things I don’t necessarily need? Will she guilt me into buying things because she feels I ABSOLUTELY NEED IT?! Within the first few minutes of meeting here all of those worries and concerns went right outside onto Broadway blowing away with the hustle and bustle of the streets. She prefers to do a closet evaluation to see the items that I do have, what I could use and what I am really looking for. Due to my impossible schedule I just recommended looking through my instagram feed because it is everything in my closet (minus the sweat shirts and hoodies I hoard). This gave her a really good idea of my style and she listened to the items I was particularly looking for.

By the time I met her at Club Monaco she had already started pulling pieces and had me trying things on to figure out my size (which the sizes I gave her were a little too big haha) and the styles of dresses I was looking for. I love wearing dresses in the summer and I was really on the hunt for items I can wear to work and out on the town. Plus I booked a California trip at the end of the summer so items I could wear there too! She pulled this BEAUTIFUL white dress I cannot believe how quickly I fell in love with it! Now I am going to be up front with you all, this is not the type of price range I would normally EVER shop in.. this is a HUGE splurge in my book and for my followers. Before jumping to conclusions like so…

She was very well aware of the price range I was looking for and pulled mostly from the sales racks… What she did recommend is having staple pieces in my closet that I can wear for a long period of time. Spending that extra money will go a long way, especially if you are going to get a lot of use out of it. I was willing to buy one or two items that I could continuously use for multiple seasons and that I know my favorite little shopper of my closet (my brother’s girlfriend who is like the little sister I have always wanted) will definitely steal. It was a dress I knew if I walked away from I wouldn’t be able to duplicate it exactly how I wanted. So with that in mind I knew I was only going to be purchasing 2 dresses from the store… I have another item I got that I am hoping to take some awesome photos for you all as well! It was a basic item that her and I just loved!

The entire experience of shopping with Serina was nothing but amazing. It felt as if I was shopping with a friend who knew what style and lines flattered me most but the best was she loved fashion just as much as I do. Being around another fashionista just felt awesome, she knew exactly what I was talking about and made it all the more fun.. She was also able to read my face when I didn’t like an item or a particular style. She encouraged me to at least try them on to see if I don’t like it which pushed me past my comfort zone. In a particular case of a button down skirt she had me try on she was right that it did indeed flatter my body type, but it wasn’t something I would wear.. as flattering as it was it just wasn’t my style. She didn’t push me and just said “I see your not crazy about it, no worries let’s move onto the next item!”

She gave me lots of tips and tricks of the items that I did pick out and what to look for. This dress in particular was just a loving favorite and I didn’t want to take it off haha! It was an elastic waist which flattered my pear shape figure.. it pulled in smaller at my waist and that is something that I am always looking for. The cold shoulders and off the shoulder look is something I have been loving, I mean who hasn’t been loving this trend?! The details on the shoulder were also absolutely beautiful. If you can’t tell I am rather obsessed with showing the lace up detail on the sleeves of this dress, aren’t they stunning? Plus it was white and I am LOVING WHITE for the summer! It makes me look a lot tanner than I really am 😀 Lastly, the length, it was the perfect length for my petite frame. No hemming – YAY!

We headed over to Bloomingdales shortly after and picked up another 2 dresses from there. Serina kept my budget in mind the entire shopping trip and knew that there was a sale coming up – she gave me the option if I wanted to wait for the sale where she can return the items for me so I can get the sales discount or find the items online for me to buy. She really does go the extra mile when it comes to her shopping experience. Why pay full price for something if it is going to go on sale?! She had a serious point, the bummer was that the items I had weren’t going on sale but in total cost under $100 each. I wasn’t passing them up, they were mine!! I am determined to get photos of these dresses for you all to see and pushing myself to get it done sooner rather than later!

Overall I absolutely LOVED my experience with her. Her first order of business is to get to know you and your style – what you love, what you hate, the items you are looking for, and ideas of where to wear them too! I loved that she gave me multiple places and ideas of where I can wear these items which made my indecision a hell of a lot easier! Although we didn’t purchase a pair of shoes for this dress she recommended some options for me such as sandals or my white converse sneakers. I LOVED that she remembered how much I’ve worn them in my posts and how much I LOVE to wear them. For today’s post I went with these cute sandals I picked up from DSW the day of my photoshoot. Probably the wrong idea of impulsively purchasing something but I do love the girly detail on them 🙂

I would most definitely recommend working with her and I am absolutely going to work with her again in the fall and probably every season after that haha! Serina will make any girl feel comfortable shopping with her and she knows how to push for sales or when a good time to wait for them to go on sale. She even found one of the items I was debating over online for a cheaper price – shopping ninja strategies!! Below is the link to her website and don’t forget to follow her on instagram as well!


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