Something Navy, Touch of Floral

This entire look from head to toe was put together by my personal shopper Serina as I spoke about in my previous post. She knew that I was on the hunt for dresses and finding ways to show off my waist line.. this dress sure as hell does just that. My favorite color is blue so I knew it was going to be a potential buy before putting it on… the moment that I did… it was all over, I didn’t care about the price tag I just HAD TO HAVE IT! At that point I forgot about the prices of these dresses and I was just beyond excited about having this dress. Serina suggested that I can wear this to work with flats, or pair it with a cute pump or sandal for a bridal shower or a night out. I loved that she gave me ideas and options that I could wear this with.. she even said I can wear it with low top converse sneakers. At that moment she totally sold me on this dress.

The lines of this dress are perfect for my body shape, they go inwards towards my waist and out. Bringing the attention to my waist line which is where I want it to be. But the shoes. OH THE SHOES!

These were a splurge and not something I would normally splurge on either. I have seen this floral embroidery every where… girls walking down the street, on instagram, in ads, just everywhere. But everyone had them in the same style.. the shirts, the jeans, the shorts, the bags, the sneakers… just not heels. Hence why I purchased them. They are a bigger platform which is something I am more comfortable wearing and walking in. Although in these photos I was sweating immensely since the humidity level was about 80-90%. I’m sure you can see my hair growing by the shot throughout these photos haha!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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