Pleats & Girly Things

Dynamite still surprises me with the variety of items they have in stores. It has every aspect of my style.. girly, casual, sporty and comfortable. Sporty jackets, comfy leggings and joggers, casual sweaters, and girly dresses. All which I can mix and match into my style. As you know I love to wear sneakers with everything, other days I prefer to be a bit girly. I decided this was the perfect way to mix mint green with some hints of pink. I told you I can be girly some days…

The moment I put this dress on all I wanted to do was twirl around. Getting that perfect twirling shot is actually very hard and makes you dizzy. Much like Connor McGregor, I went in too hard and too fast… luckily I didn’t get a KO in the street but I did have to alternate how I would pose. Since I like to beat people to the punch (no boxing pun intended) I’d like to point out that the bottom of my dress was extremely wrinkly. I thought it would be easier to take out but it wasn’t. I steamed it twice and finally ironed it. That is the difficult part of these pleats and something to keep in mind when purchasing these dresses and skirts. Despite that one issue I would totally purchase a pleated skirt or another pleated dress. I love the way it makes me feel so girly and the options I am able to wear with it.

Mixing different style categories is my particular style. Although on the daily I am mostly alternative and casual. Jeans and Tee’s fa dayz. When I do randomly dress up, people notice. Dressing how you feel is something I often do. A simple dress and sandals can easily change your mood and make you feel a lot more upbeat. This look did just that!

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xx Sarah


Soho Stars

I am from New York, more specifically from Brooklyn (proud) and currently residing in the forgotten borough (embarrassed). What may surprise you is that although I have done a majority of the tourist attractions throughout all of my life, there are certain parts of New York City that I have yet to fully explore and appreciate. Soho being one of them. When Rowell suggested that we shoot in Soho I was so excited, so many bloggers shoot there and I love the cobble stone streets and graffiti walls. I some what felt like a tourist walking around in awe looking at everything. It really is like a movie set walking around, these are the iconic places that you see so much. Mostly over the gram but you see my point…

After walking around a bit I decided that I must shoot here forever and always. Not only did it make my commute a little lighter being closer to downtown already but I loved walking around the area. The Soho and Noho area is so beautiful. The small streets and shops are so inspiring and I really need to make an effort to explore the area more. With the summer ending and the fall weather in the far distance I can only imagine how perfect it would be to adventure there… while dodging all the tourists of course.

Since I work in the heaviest of tourist areas, dodging tourist isn’t a problem for me any more. Constantly reminding myself that when I am in a rush that the streets are not a hockey rink. Pushing through the crowds as if I am trying to get to the puck along the boards or in the corners isn’t the nicest thing. Now I get why some people say New Yorkers are rude. I digress….

Rowell suggested that I take a few photos pretending to hold the balloons here. As the cheese ball that I am I went for it. He understands my humor in the sense that behind the resting bitch face I am giggling and laughing the whole way through. Let’s talk about this outfit though… it is a fashion blog and not a full time comedy act ya know…

I found this top that I wanted to wear to my trip to California. As much as I wanted to wait to share this look with you all while I was away, I couldn’t hold back any more. I have this terrible habit of holding onto an outfit for the perfect shot or the perfect day. Star print is my favorite, I hope to incorporate more star printed looks into my wardrobe for the fall. I love everything about the stars and planets… scientifically and even horoscopes. If you didn’t know that Mercury was in retrograde now you do..

So wearing white pants is risky for me to begin with. Not only do I take public transportation every day but I often spill things on my shirt and pants… part of any meal that I am eating, ink from my pen, Cheeto dust, you get the point. Prior to leaving for the shoot I got the tiniest crumb of chocolate on my pants. FREAK OUT MOMENT. TIDE TO GO PEN. OH MY GAWD!! I knew it was the end from there… one stain and the others will follow. I still had to take the train down to Soho after work, paying for a cab to sit in traffic near me is just plain stupid. Trains are the way to go. I prayed to the fashion gods to let me get to the location and get some great shots without another disaster stain happening. My prayers were answered.. This look is my absolutely favorite. Black and white is my favorite combination! I am loving these white pants despite the anxiety it gives me to wear them….  changing in the bathroom with these on the other hand….

If Lysol happens to stumble upon this post please know that I would be a great brand partner. Not only do I hate germs but I would be an amazing customer as I would  go through lysol disinfectant sprays and wipes… spraying every object in my path to avoid germs. Changing white pants in a bathroom was my first blogger experience of “the floor is full of germs and you cannot touch it with your bare feet or get your pants on it” game. So many paper towels covering everything and a intense balancing act. I didn’t want to take the outfit off because I did love the way it looked. But I also wanted to utilize my time by getting more than one look.

The lesson here is simple: Look at the stars, look how they shine for you… and everything that you do…. yeah they were all called bathroom germs.

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xx Sarah


Year of firsts…

Last year when I initially started this blog I wasn’t too sure how far I would get with this project. Would I keep up with it for a year? Will I enjoy it? Will it spiral into something amazing? All unknowns. 2016 was simply not my year, personally I had struggled immensely even from the year prior… who am I kidding 2015 wasn’t my year either. I was at a point in my life where I suddenly woke up and all I could think of was “HOW THE FUCK DID I END UP HERE?” Time had slipped from my hands and the things I kept putting off suddenly were bitting me in the ass. My best friend had been nagging me for the longest time to pursue a career in something that I enjoyed… I am also the type of person when you repeat yourself more than a few times I begin to ignore you. Everything around me was changing, it felt like I was caught in this never ending wave crashing at the shore line… any time I thought I got my head above water, suddenly multiple waves would hit me all at once. I couldn’t catch a break and I was forced to start from scratch again. and again. and again. This was when my anxiety was at its peak and I had no control over it. My nervous energy ran rapid, channeling it into a calmer energy was like trying to hold one of those squishy toys that never stayed still in your grip. Just impossible.

Jennie (my best friend in the universe) continued to push me to find something, to find a career, to find my passion… she knew I loved to shop and I loved the hunt of finding an outfit. She suggested I applied to jobs for Fashion brands with social media involved. I had lived on Instagram and Pinterest for things… and Twitter for hockey. There wasn’t anything that I couldn’t find out: sales, that top from that Instagram photo, a similar dress from Pinterest. I had been following Something navy and the like to know it page for awhile, I loved that I was able to find out what these girls with the perfect photos were wearing. Hardly do I ever leave the house without putting myself together (unless I am going to a drive through), even when I think that I look like a mess people say I am always well put together. After looking at other “fashion bloggers” I thought to myself: “Why can’t I do that? Girls always ask me where I get XYZ or how I did my makeup/hair, this would be the best way to share it… and even meet other girls who are obsessed with fashion as much as I am.” I love my dear friends but none of them are as crazy about fashion and trends and all things pretty as much as I am. It was the most sense and the first clear as fucking day sign that I had seen in 2 years.

Taking every bit of my nervous and wild anxious energy I decided to put it all towards creating my blog. Having anxiety is a struggle, finding a way to exhaust all of this anxious energy that didn’t involve over thinking or struggling to control your outbursts isn’t easy. Working out, doing yoga, keeping busy all seemed like great ideas that you talk about in therapy, but putting it to action is another story.  I had to find my own way, despite the many suggestions and offers. Taking that first step forward is the biggest push I have ever done, and I am so happy I did. Finding a name was my first job, I wanted it to describe me in a nutshell and be slightly ironic. It took me longer than I wanted, so I said to a friend “I am so indecisive about this… just like everything else.” Indecisively Stylish was born.

My other dear friend, Alison, is a giant ball of energy.. she radiates positivity and always reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She was SOOOO excited about me starting a blog and how I wanted to create things. The night began of adventures so I could write about where I went in this cute little black dress I had. I wanted my blog to be relatable, I wore this to that occasion or out with friends. She knew I was absolutely terrified to take photos in the streets… I mean all I could think about was people thinking “who does this girl think she is? does she think she’s an ‘insta-model’?” Learning to tune all of that out and focus on what the story I was trying to portray was my goal. Alison forced me to focus and have fun at the same time. It was an amazing night out and we wandered from place to place and laughed the whole way through. A few days later she offered to help me take some photos for my blog and it all began.

Learning so many things along the way was a challenge but it was a world that I knew I could easily become a part of. No one to answer to but myself and everything was on my terms and my point of view. Blogging is something I can’t imagine not doing. Whether 5 people read my post or 500 people read it. You love it or you want to make fun of it. This was the perfect way for me to control my anxious energy and put it towards something positive. A positive outlet where I can be me and have fun doing so. This blog had pushed me in such a positive direct that things became a little bit better towards the end of 2016. I was determined to make 2017 my year. I blinked and I suddenly was moving on from a job that I felt so stuck at and moving onto an entire different industry and work environment. Showers of positive changes just kept happening and I couldn’t believe that it all started with one small step. One giant leap for Sarah.

I am still taking pictures in my backyard because on most days (the weekends) it is easiest for me. Now that I found a photographer that I am getting more comfortable around I am taking that step towards the New York City backdrops every girl wants. My blog turns 1 today and looking back I can’t believe how much has changed for the better. Through my platform I was able to interact with other fashion bloggers, and guess what? We all struggle with the same things! So many girls also fight anxiety and they are open about their struggles. I went from being in an environment of people where it was shameful and I was seen as a girl with a mental disorder who could break down at any moment to reading about how a girl had a really shitty anxiety attack that lasted for a week and what she did to pull through on top of posting a really cute outfit. It was a more accepting world and I didn’t feel so alone. I am happy that I took that risk to make this blog and post as much as I possibly can here.

Happy 1st Birthday.

Outfit details…

Dynamite “nothing to wear” tee (unavailable)

xx Sarah


Stripes, Ruffles & the Concrete Jungle


It is seemingly taking me forever to shoot these gorgeous dresses that I purchased with Serina (my personal shopper)! This was a dress that I actually picked out on my own and I really couldn’t be happier. I love the very different styles of stripes with the contrast stripe along the edges of the dress. Granted I love anything black and white with grey in between, this dress really is just absolutely beautiful. However, being honest wearing this dress at work was perfect for sitting at my desk but.. walking from the bus stop was another story. I definitely didn’t need a size up in this dress because it would’ve been too big on me but I constantly had to pull it down due to the cut of the dress. As much as I love it this isn’t something that looks stunning walking warp speed around Manhattan. This could be the universe trying to tell me to stop and smell the roses but I can’t help my fast paced New York self either. So by the end of the day when it was time to meet up with Rowell for our photoshoot I wanted to take notice of what this dress was trying to make me do.. SLOW DOWN.

We met at Columbus Circle near Central Park to take photos, it had been awhile since I’ve been to that part of town and I was happy to walk around there once again. That is what I love about taking pictures with Rowell, we never stay in one spot and he is constantly having me move around from place to place while we chat in between. I really love Central Park, just walking around the trails you forget that your in the middle of Manhattan. I plan to go there again in the fall just to walk around, it is so inspiring! Luckily I wore my go to converse sneakers for this shoot. I’m not the type to wear heels every single day because “bambi walking” isn’t cute. I feel most comfortable in sneakers or flat boots for the fall. This is where my style shined in this outfit.. pairing this dress with my go to sneakers and my go to favorite sunnies, it definitely made it more of my look.

With the summer coming to an end I hope to slow down and take a look around to where I am daily. I forget that most people dream of being in the city that I call home and it is a nice reminder that I am where I am suppose to be.


xx Sarah


Simple Summer

When it is just too hot out to put any effort into looking decent being simple is usually your best shot. I teeter back and forth between sporty and girly basics… it all depends on my mood and what I see first in my closet. Lately these hot sticky summer days have not been the best feeling, especially for my hair. Yikes! I picked up these shorts last summer when I was in LBI, it was towards the end of the summer so I didn’t get a ton of use out of them. Even this summer these have been my go to weekend pair if I am not in a dress. They are super comfortable and almost feel like a lounge short. I love that the color can easily go into the early fall when the days are still warm out like the summer.. pairing it with a simple tank with sliders and I’m ready to run out the door… not without my favorite Quay Australia sunnies of course 😉

Outfit details…

xx Sarah



This print is super popular and very much in trend this summer. I love it! While on my lunch break shopping trying to find some inspiration at H&M I found this simple little dress. Preferably I love anything more form fitting, since my body shape is curve/pear shaped I like to wear things that will show off my shape…. and that I can wear with sneakers 😉

This was a great cheap find that I absolutely love. Ironically I have been wearing it all summer long but I kept forgetting to snap some photos of it since it was always in the hamper on my weekend photoshoots!

xx Sarah



Pulling out all of my last summer archives because I honestly do not feel like purchasing more new summer clothes. With the end of summer looming and my vacation countdown getting smaller all I have been thinking about is slowing things down. My full time job has kept me so busy that at the end of the day or even midday I cannot think about anything else. Knowing this was a task to juggle both, I don’t have the freedom to dedicate as much time as I’d like to with my blog. As of now this is just a hobby, but a hobby that I am in love with. I miss not being able to post as frequently as I’d like to or interact as much as I’d love to… these may sound like a bunch of excuses but hear me out.

There are only so many hours in the day, understanding that it takes sacrifice and hustle to get my blog off the ground I also fully accept that it takes time. Time that I am very much limited to. I am the only person working on my blog.. this includes: writing the posts, finding the outfits, linking all of the outfits, promoting myself on all social media platforms, interactions with other bloggers and followers, researching outsourcing, and mainly my own photographer/editor. My new job requires a huge adjustment period, not only did I change industries but I am looking to grow my career as well. A little late in the game but all at once I seemed to find my passion followed by an amazing job opportunity. Balancing both is going to take some serious effort.. and as of right now, my steady pay check will always come first. Not because I have to pay the bills (and use the extra money to shop for some awesome looks) but because I truly enjoy where this opportunity may take me. Ultimately my goal is to balance both, I only switched jobs early in the spring so I am still getting my bearings on this balancing act.

What I did realize is that running myself into the ground isn’t per say the best idea nor is it a great suit for me right now. As much as I want to hit the ground running I cannot do it half assed. Developing consistency here is a struggle between my work life and social life, I try my best but some days we just need to zen out and take a break. I have really awesome things planned for when I get back from my vacation! So zoning out and getting that much needed rest is not only what the doctor’s are telling me to do but what my soul needs.

This quick little photoshoot I did with my brother’s girlfriend show just that. No shoes, just absorbing what nature on my front lawn has to offer… soon enough it will be the west coast beaches! I don’t want this excuse to sound like another blog post of me complaining about my balancing act between work and blogging – because it isn’t. I hope that this reaches someone who also has the same situation as I do. The few bloggers that I have interacted with I have a much different lifestyle than I do, they have a job that is either part time or flexible time where they can still accomplish time for their blogging. Not something that is for me personally. I hope to discover the perfect balancing act and continue to share my looks and fun ways to shop on a budget 🙂

Follow me on twitter as I’ve been lately gravitating towards it.. I quickly can tweet out a thought to all of my followers or quickly interact… Instagram takes some time since I am constantly inspired by all of the postings 😉

Outfit details…

  • Skies are Blue Beach Pants (closet archives) | Similar pair here |
  • Garage High Neck Crop Top (closet archives) | Similar items from Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters |

xx Sarah


Creativity & Me

Being artistic is something I have mentioned sporadically throughout my blog and social media. Revealing and sharing this piece of me is something I don’t normally do. In the past 2 years I made it a personal goal to be more open about my artistic side and even share some of my artwork with people. Since I was a kid I have been drawing, coloring, and creating just about everything. It blossomed from coloring books to drawing my own pictures to still life to life art to designing clothes and finally landing on painting. To say I have dabbled in all of creative aspects of arts might be a good point to show how I can never stay with just one thing. Why? I am a moody artist. I get bored easily after trying to perfect something… art isn’t suppose to be perfect – although at times I have struggled with this. I admire those artists who make it seem easy to bring to life what they envisioned in their mind. This is a huge reason I walked away from designing clothes…. I hated the fact that I was forced to learn the basics. I just wanted to create what I saw in my mind and do it on my own.. Yeah I’d have to learn how to measure fabric and how to cut the patterns but the thought of making something that wasn’t inside my mind was frustrating.

A quick story about my summer at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) when I was 16 years old…. I took a basic drawing class and an introduction to sewing. My drawing class took me to another dimension, probably the dimension my Professor was in, it truly challenged me in a good way of learning about my perspective and how to translate that to paper. He really spoke to me when it came to drawing still life and even people. The detail. IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO BEGIN WITH DETAIL AND WORK YOUR WAY OUT! That is how I learned to draw my hands and palms so well…. one day I hope to be able to sit down long enough in a mirror and draw the bottom of my foot. My challenge of the summer was the Introduction to Sewing. OH MY GOD. It was such an intimidating class…. my Grandma had shown me some of the basics but her and I are much like the same person – she understood certain things I wanted to make and made the “boring projects” more of practice. “Sarah practice sewing a pillow case and make sure it is straight so you can get comfortable with the sewing machine and then we can sew the skirt you want to make.” See, Grandma knew how my mind worked and how to teach me. This class though… it was not like my Grandma’s teaching. The machines were old and industrial, the pedal was sensitive and I was terrified I was going to sew my finger off. It also didn’t help that the fabrics I was working with were cheap and lame patterns my Mom picked out for me. No offense to my dearest Mom but it made making everything all the more less inspiring. We didn’t have the money to buy nicer fabrics nor did my parents want to shell out the money for me to buy whatever fabrics I wanted (unintentionally I have very expensive taste). Nevertheless, I persisted in the class and tried to learn as much as I could. Instead I found myself become more and more bored with the class and not wanting to be there. I did learn about patterns – but just the basics. I decided that I didn’t have the patience or the passion to pursue a Fashion Design career at the time.

I continued to use the tools I learned at FIT as I sketched on my own and tried to practice the things I learned. Once college rolled around I stopped sketching and my tools just sat there for the longest time. It was until a few years ago that I picked it up again. I forgot how it felt. I would simply sit on the floor of my bedroom and just dive into this other world for HOURS. I am not kidding when I say HOURS – normally 4-5 hours at a time. By the time I resurfaced to the real world I was exhausted… I would look at what I made with satisfaction and put it away. It was only something I wanted to see and I didn’t want judgement from other people or “fake praise.” My family is always going to say that my artwork is amazing and beautiful and blah blah blah. They are my family, it is what they are suppose to do. Do I think I am incredibly talented and should be praised for the things I’ve created? Fuck no. It is a hobby, it is an expression of myself and only for me. Artwork is suppose to make you FEEL SOMETHING. Whether it be relatable sadness, happiness or inspiration.

My good friend Nicole convinced me that I need to start sharing my artwork and jump back into things. She knew it made me feel better but also wanted to push me to share this part of myself. It isn’t something she thought I should keep hidden and I could do things at my own pace. So I promised her I would try, and in the beginning of it all I would just send her and another friend a photo or 2 of what I made after coming back from my own little world. And no I wasn’t getting high while doing this if that is what you are thinking. I literally mean I would zone out and I could hear or see nothing but what I was creating in front of me. I got a little braver by gifting my artwork. This isn’t something I was used it, after all I was very attached and very selfish with my artwork.

The summertime is usually where I knock out most of my art pieces. Especially the colorful ones. I sit in my yard on the weekends with my dad and I just zone out and go to town. He doesn’t hang over my shoulder asking what I am making and leaves me alone – which I appreciate immensely. I don’t like it when people come by and ask what I am making.. I tend to immediate close up shop and never finish. See – MOODY! He lets me live in my own little world as long as I need to or feel like it. I am also not scared for him to look at what I’ve made when I am done – he gives me his straight up sarcastic opinion. “How lovely,” “Very Nice,” “If you are done you better clean up this mess” are usually the responses I get. I never claimed that I was a neat artist. He is mostly concerned with my dog trying to drink the dirty paint water which is usually in her reach. He is the only one that I feel the most comfortable around painting.

As I continued to push myself I became more comfortable sharing my artwork. I gifted my mom and my best friend things I made for them. It was a different type of experience creating these paintings because I knew at the end of it that it would no longer be mine. That I was giving a part of my creativity away for someone else to enjoy. As strange as it was, once I did gift these paintings I felt like I took a giant step forward with my artwork. That I was ok with sharing what I had made and that other people will get enjoyment out of it.

This pushed me to hang up things I have created in my room for me to remember the happier and lighter times, especially during the winter. Like I said I make most of my artwork during the summer. At the end of the summer I am usually gassed out and I don’t have much interest in making things… hockey season begins! Randomly in the winter I decided to finish this HUGE water color of the Little Mermaid. I saw this photo on Tumblr, which is where I get some inspiration, and I knew that I wanted the challenge of recreating it. It took me about 5-6 hours but I completed the giant photo. It took me another 6 months before I actually went and got a frame to hang this giant piece up. Not only did I purchase a frame to hang that giant painting but I purchased 2 others to hang 2 more pieces which I am sharing with you today.

Now I am never one to say “SEE THAT? I MADE IT!” So I didn’t expect any reactions to any one who came into my room and saw it… until my cousin and her daughter saw my giant Little Mermaid painting. Its hard to miss as it is directly above my bed. She asked where I got it and was shocked (or shookth) when I told her I painted it. My little cousin (her daughter) said to me “I WANT ONE! SARAH CAN YOU MAKE ME ONE?!” Her mother agreed and I was on a mission… instead I asked if she wanted a different Disney Princess and she asked for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We sat together and found a photo that she wanted me to recreate. Before I knew it I was hunched over trying to perfect this painting. All I cared about was the look on her face when she saw it. And boy was it worth the back pain when she opened it up on her birthday. The joy on her face made everything worth it… and it was then that I realized that my creativity can be used to make other people happy and not just myself.

I try my best to make “happier” paintings but sometimes we have sad days so there is a sad painting or sketch. Some of these I choose to share with people and others I don’t… Although I am a lot more comfortable with sharing my artwork on the internets and with other people, I still get wildly uncomfortable when it becomes like an “Art Exhibit.” I expect any praise from people when they see my artwork or for them to lie to me either. It is much like my blog – you either like it or you don’t. Either way, your opinion won’t cut me a check nor would it ever stop me from doing what I enjoy most – being creative.

xx Sarah