Stripes, Ruffles & the Concrete Jungle


It is seemingly taking me forever to shoot these gorgeous dresses that I purchased with Serina (my personal shopper)! This was a dress that I actually picked out on my own and I really couldn’t be happier. I love the very different styles of stripes with the contrast stripe along the edges of the dress. Granted I love anything black and white with grey in between, this dress really is just absolutely beautiful. However, being honest wearing this dress at work was perfect for sitting at my desk but.. walking from the bus stop was another story. I definitely didn’t need a size up in this dress because it would’ve been too big on me but I constantly had to pull it down due to the cut of the dress. As much as I love it this isn’t something that looks stunning walking warp speed around Manhattan. This could be the universe trying to tell me to stop and smell the roses but I can’t help my fast paced New York self either. So by the end of the day when it was time to meet up with Rowell for our photoshoot I wanted to take notice of what this dress was trying to make me do.. SLOW DOWN.

We met at Columbus Circle near Central Park to take photos, it had been awhile since I’ve been to that part of town and I was happy to walk around there once again. That is what I love about taking pictures with Rowell, we never stay in one spot and he is constantly having me move around from place to place while we chat in between. I really love Central Park, just walking around the trails you forget that your in the middle of Manhattan. I plan to go there again in the fall just to walk around, it is so inspiring! Luckily I wore my go to converse sneakers for this shoot. I’m not the type to wear heels every single day because “bambi walking” isn’t cute. I feel most comfortable in sneakers or flat boots for the fall. This is where my style shined in this outfit.. pairing this dress with my go to sneakers and my go to favorite sunnies, it definitely made it more of my look.

With the summer coming to an end I hope to slow down and take a look around to where I am daily. I forget that most people dream of being in the city that I call home and it is a nice reminder that I am where I am suppose to be.


xx Sarah


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