Trendy Pink Walls

Earlier in the summer I booked my trip to California. Not realizing it was during the time of fashion week in NYC. I knew I needed to stay longer than 4 days as I had previously done. Both times I did every tourist attraction there was possible. I somewhat hated myself for doing so since I live in tourist central… but I couldn’t help myself. This time around I wanted to be one with the west coasters, well sorta.
I wanted to be hiking, at the beach, and a fashionable LA girl all at once. What I was going to be first was another struggle. I did my best to plot some of my outfits around where we were going and what we were doing. Honestly a few of these were “staged” or “plandid” and I am not going to bull shit you either. The pink wall was definitely plotted & planned thoroughly. But my inspiration ran deep… my all time favorite, Kurt Cobain.
As a teenager I listened to his music which got me through every up and down in my life. His iconic glasses & IDGAF attitude is what got me through this shoot… his quote “We’re so trendy we can’t even escape ourselves” inspired me a lot. Clearly the quote is about how popular Nirvana became after they released “Smells like Teen spirit.” Kurt loved what he did but not the fame and craziness that transpired after that. An artist can get lost in these moments, it becomes what will sell and make money verses being your authentic self. If there is anything that I leaned this year it was about staying true to who I am and what my style is. My style often changes sometimes with the trends but I try to keep true to who I am. If I like it, I am going to wear it.. if I feel confident and happy in it I am going to wear it.
Falling into trends is one thing, but seeing the trends EVERYWHERE can quickly make you feel like you need to be part of it. Just like this wall. Every girl was taking photos in front of it… just with their phones since they do not permit using a camera. Weird. Yes my pants are trendy wide leg joggers… and a little wrinkled. These joggers compliment my body shape, hence why I purchase them… along with the fact they are comfy AF. These are pieces I would wear together or separately. I hope to wear these glasses more often.. maybe even into the winter?

Bottom line. Be part of the trends but don’t let it take over your style.
Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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