Made in LA

“I want to live in LA.” This is a statement everyone has said at least one point or another, myself included. I was obsessed with the laid back lifestyle, constant sunshine and beaches. Who wouldn’t want to live there?? Even going into this recent trip I wanted that dream to become a potential reality.
After finally getting a job in the concrete jungle & away from the forgotten borough, I fell back in love with NYC. I decided I wanted both… a bicoastal lifestyle. How am I going to achieve it? I’ll figure it out… I mean even this little blog could potentially get me there.

This was by far the longest trip I had to LA and it felt like home after a few days. My family friend Alii quickly made me feel at home. It was great, we attempted a hike during the heat wave & barely made it a quarter way. I suffer from fainting spells so I need to be extremely cautious when hiking or doing anything out in the warmer weather. Knowing my body & the signs of when I am about to faint helps but I never let it limit me. Alii reassured me that it was just simply too hot & how the trail was rather empty, so a sign that it’s way too hot.

This was a lesson in patience. Just like waiting in line to take this photo in front of this wall. Back to hiking..  I learned that I need to do hikes at sunrise or sunset, like a true LA native. California has such a distinct laid back state of mind, can’t do it today? There’s always tomorrow or another option. Traffic? There’s another way to get there… unless your in a stand still on the 405, the 101 or the 10. This was only a day or so into our trip so I quickly learned to go with the flow.. just lay back & enjoy your surroundings.

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