San Diego Sharks & Sunsets

Swimming with sharks has always been a dream of mine. When I found a spot to snorkel with sharks in La Jolla San Diego my heart soared. DREAMS COME TRUE! Walking around San Diego felt like a different world. I wore my star print slip on dress that I purchased with Serina. It was perfect for the holiday weekend and walking near the beach. I mean look at that sunset. It was amazing to see in person .. something I’ll never forget.

Back to the main reason why I decided to book a trip to San Diego. Shark swimming..  the day of our shark swimming adventure was our last day in San Diego before heading back to LA. Excited wasn’t even the word. We picked up our equipment and headed towards the cove. Along the way we discovered the directions given to us were vague and very unhelpful… I put my google searching abilities to work & quickly found the little hiding spot of where these leopard sharks hang. I noticed the water was a bit rough from afar but was hoping for the best anyway. This was my first time snorkeling & we didn’t have a guide with us either, they cancelled a few days prior due to some training they had to do but still offered us the option to rent the equipment & navigate us to the spot. 1 out of 2 was ok I guess.

When we arrived at the snorkeling/diving spot/ shark hub the waves were much bigger than I anticipated. From all of my inquiries I was under the assumption that the waters were calm, like these leopard sharks, and you could see them in waist deep water. They were babies after all so they tend to stay closer to shallow waters. These waves. Intense. Walking backward in flippers. Stupid. Assuming things will only get you in trouble and I clearly was making an ass out of myself trying to get past these choppy waters. By the time I got out to roughly 10 feet deep of water I was exhausted from treading water… it’s not like I’m used to this or anything. I’M A FIRST TIMER! I was getting comfortable with looking downwards at the ocean floor looking for these pretty little sharks. I saw nothing. Nothing but seaweed, ocean floor, and the foam from the waves crashing. My friend was struggling with her equipment and headed back to the shore line. I soon met up with her because it was exhausting being out there alone. We ended up meeting a local who said this is the exact spot where these sharks hang, on that particular day it was just super choppy waters so the sharks probably went out a bit further past the shore line. Another local diver said she saw a group of leopard sharks not too far but the water was really rough making it difficult to: 1 get out there 2 to enjoy seeing these creatures. I was not about to make an ass out of myself once more to see these sharks, disappointment set in. I couldn’t believe that I flew 3,000 miles & was so close but so far from living my dream. We decided to let our new local friend be our tour guide.. he suggested we go snorkeling by the caves where the sea lions hang.

I am all about new adventures & trying things I have never done before. Off we went and I wasn’t prepared for the beauty I was about to see…. or the cliff side we were about to climb down. Flip flops are not climbing shoes! We made it down the cliff & saw some sea lions …they hardly moved when we got there. Sleeping is a huge priority clearly. Being the shark fanatic that I am I knew that where there were seals, there would be sharks…. but the bigger kind. Everyone insisted that there would be no Great Whites near by but I had other gut feelings. We jumped into the water and before I knew it I was seeing a completely different side of the world that only the little mermaid would see. I saw so many fish! Luckily I didn’t see the sting ray my friend saw… I do not like them, they killed Steve Irwin! So I have been afraid of them since… a shark though I’d hug, but a sting ray I’d cry. Makes perfect sense right?

We snorkeled along the rocks and into the cave. As terrified as I was swimming into this cave, because a million scenarios of how I would die or drown swam around in my head, I pushed myself to go. It was a once in a lifetime experience. And boy am I glad that I did. It was absolutely beautiful. This was a memory I could hold onto forever. We swam back & my friend with our new local tour guide decided to go to another cave.. I was too exhausted to swim to another cave. One felt like enough for me. I quickly hopped onto the rocks & took a million photos. I couldn’t believe what I had climbed down, where I had swam, and that there could possibly be a Great White shark lurking in the waters.

Although I didn’t get to physically swim side by side with a shark as I had wanted, I did technically swim in their waters with them. Out of sight. This gives me an excuse to return to San Diego for a longer stay & really explore the beauty that this city holds. Being out there felt amazing. I am not an athletic person whatsoever but I felt like I could conquer anything while I was out on the west coast.

The west coast made me want to be outside and a part of nature. From the beach to the mountains, specifically hiking. As I’ve mentioned I learned patience when it came to hiking… While we were out in San Diego I was able to complete 2 hikes in a day, which is a lot for someone who hardly hikes. I felt so accomplished that I felt like I was on top of the world!

Even with my awesome hiking leggings and my pajama shirt. Yup, you read that right, my pajama top… when you have so many black tanks, you tend not to double check which shirt you are putting on.

QUICK REVIEW OF THE BIKINI: this is made pretty poorly, maybe I should’ve sized up but I didn’t think that I needed it to be any bigger. The straps were sturdy but the fabric it was attached to wasn’t… when I had put the bikini top on I had heard a tear, without realizing it was on my strap.

Luckily I had a safety pin to keep it together because I didn’t want to not wear the bikini, I got it for my vacation after all. While I was sitting on the beach I tweeted at ASOS for my issue. Within minutes they got back to me and quickly tried to resolve the issue, asking me to send it back and I would get a refund. Since I had already worn it I didn’t feel comfortable sending it back already worn and I couldn’t get a new one in my size. Although it is fixable I did appreciate ASOS trying to fix the problem. Hence why I will always continue to order from there!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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