Farewell Summer

Summer is officially over. I declared it the end of summer upon my return from the west coast… with my full intentions on wearing sweaters and jeans and putting my dark nail polish on. Yet I returned and it was suddenly summer mid day, maybe it was too soon of a goodbye. So with that said, here are some of the final summer looks of my California vacation…

While in California during a heat wave you can best find any one near the pool or at the beach. I experienced both. We first went to Malibu (where I forgot to play Miley Cryus’s song on the way down) during my first weekend of vacation. It was BEAUTIFUL. El Matador beach was like a dream… that you had to climb these terrifying stairs to get to. I say terrifying because I am a clumsy person so all I could imagine was falling up or down them. It was the most amazing feeling relaxing for the first time in over a year. As much as I attempted to share my vacation via stories on instagram, I also wanted to unwind and enjoy my vacation too… experiencing life outside of the lense of my phone or from behind my phone was a priority. For once I wanted to be part of everything and see it all with my own eyes and distance myself from technology. When was the last time any one has done that? Being in the moment is a huge thing for me. Capturing these moments with taking photos is fine but not documenting every single step along the way or else it didn’t happen kinda deal. We’ve all said it “photo or it didn’t happen.” Well guess what, life happens with your phone down or away in your bag too. Relaxing on the beach and hearing nothing but the waves crash was an amazing feeling… jumping into the water was even better. Minus the oversized waves… I understand my comfort zone to what I can and cannot handle. To be honest I would’ve preferred a life guard be on duty in the instance I felt like I couldn’t bring myself back to sore aka “be rescued” It is more of a comfort thing knowing someone is watching me swim rather than I am completely on my own. Plus I was already outside of my comfort zone with this VERY CHEEKY bathing suit. I was 12 the last time I wore a one piece so over a decade later and I am wearing a much more sultry bathing suit, which I never thought that adjective would be used in front of a “one piece bathing suit.” I debated on whether or not I wanted to share it but I decided to go for it any way….

The next day we went to the pool… I wore a simple black bikini but I was OBSESSED with this dress. For some reason I always think I am going to wear it 100 times in the summer and I always wear it just once. This is something I picked up years ago when I was in Long Beach Island and it was on sale. This dress can be wore to the pool or to the beach as a cover up or even out on the town. It is that versatile. Which is why this is something I will never ever let go of… I even hardly lend it out, that is how much I love it!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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