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SURPRISE! I’ve re-done my website! Super excited to finally share this as it was a long time in the making. Let’s jump into what this blog post is about – FASHION! Last weekend I took my little cousin Zarah to New York City to see Time Square and Swan Lake. Being my mini me, I wanted to coordinate our outfits. I’ve been eyeing this jumpsuit from Lulu’s for some time now – although the back of the jumpsuit is really what makes it so gorgeous, it was absolutely fall weather that day… so my jacket was not coming off haha! I loved the wide leg pants of this which made me feel a lot less self conscious about my wider hip section. Of course I paired it with my go to converse sneakers because what else would I be wearing while walking all over Manhattan?

Zarah’s outfit was a lot of fun to put together, I wen to Justice for Girls looking for an outfit I knew she would love. I picked up this cute dress on the sales rack, she has a few dresses with a denim top and a printed skirt.. this skirt had a star tulle detail and I am obsessed with star prints for this season. Even better, it was on sale! I splurged on her leather jacket for 2 reasons, 1. being that it fit her diva type personality and 2. that we would have matching leather jackets. Her wedge sneakers topped off the entire look, I wanted her to be comfortable walking around but also feel a little girly.

We had so much fun walking around Time Square and then to Bryant Park. By the end of our photo session she was jumping for joy that I agreed to let her go on the carousel. Literally… jumping for joy. She had such high energy the entire day that by the time we got to the ballet, she tuckered herself out. Lesson learned here: get the afternoon showing for kids haha!

Outfit details…

Zarah’s outfit details…


XX Sarah


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