Casual Fall

My daily wear is pretty casual. I prefer comfort over anything, this Target jacket I found is perfect for feeling comfortable and looking presentable. Finding a jacket that can be worn 100 different ways means I am getting my moneys worth, and I am all about having an item in my closet that gives me options. 

Today I paired it with a slip dress that I turned into a tank by tucking it into my jeans and a fun necklace. By far turning a dress into a top was the best idea I ever stumbled upon, especially with slip dresses.. multiple ways to get 2 looks out of one item.Cuffing up the bottom of my jeans is a fun way to change the look too without having to buy a new pair, my sneakers are my new favorite pair. Being a New Yorker we tend to walk EVERYWHERE.. I need to be comfortable. It may look like fun with your heels paired with your outfit, but when you have to walk more than 2 Avenues you will be regretting it… I also prefer to wear sneakers to heels so my opinion may be bias here. Anyway, these sneakers tend to ride slimmer so definitely size up from your normal shoe size when buying these. They kinda remind me of my Nike Roshes (which are another one of my favorite sneakers to wear). I love mixing and matching my sneakers with dressier looks but I will always wear a go to casual look over anything.

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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