Star Print Dress

After finally coming back down from the universe & the clouds above, I found a creative kick in the ass to get back into the groove of things. I picked this dress up pretty recently from Dynamite and it was for 3 reasons: 1. I love star print everything this season, 2. it was a wrap style dress, 3. I had a gift card. It was like buying a present for myself without dropping a dime –


Black and white is clearly one of my favorite color combos and this print is my favorite this season.

The stars are small and subtle enough where it doesn’t look childish or over whelming, the cut of the dress is what was the final selling point. Since I was gifted with these lovely hips, I am always very conscious of the type of style dresses that I buy and wear. This wrap styled dress pulls in at the waist line which is where I want the most attention, the sheer sleeves make it feel less conservative while the open back adds a little sexiness to it. You could most definitely wear this to work if paired with a nice sweater or blazer.

Stockings are a blast from the past for me, in high school it was part of my “winter uniform” and I vowed never to wear them again after multiple winters taking public transportation. Whoever said stockings keep you warm are lying their asses off because they don’t. But in this case, these sheer stockings go perfectly with this look – I would also wear these with a much longer coat mind you. It is winter after all…

My love of stars even went down to my accessories… these are from a set I purchased from Bauble Bar. I’m always looking to incorporate these 2 into my looks, the moon and the celestial shape are my favorite. A little hint of gold is part of my signature style.

Outfit details…


Xx Sarah

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