Teddy Bear Coat

This coat was by far the best birthday present I had gotten this year. Why? Just one touch of it and you’ll know why. It is like being wrapped in a blanket, so cozy and snuggly… the perfect hoodie to nap in if I’m being honest here. This blog is more about fashion than napping so here is how I styled it…

Winter whites are always fun to wear, last year I started experimenting with wearing more white during the winter. It still teeters between black and white, my two favorite colors as you know. Although this is dead of winter right now and it is below 30 outside, this is still a wonderful winter layering look. Pulling out my only white pants from the spring/summer I paired it with this very lose white cami that I’ve had for a long time. Recently I was inspired by Sarah from The House of Sequins with incorporating bralettes into my looks, since I love wearing camis they don’t always fit me properly and my bra tends to show. Why not fix the issue by wearing a cute bralette that will add some fun lace detail to your look? I loved the way this came out since it looks like it is part of the cami.

Sneakers are always my go to and my style is girly yet sporty. Pairing this look with one of my few pairs of sneakers that are not black. These sneakers have gotten some new miles on them this year as I used to wear this to work pretty frequently during the spring and summer. Walking around in NYC in anything but comfortable shoes is torture, and I walk about 10 avenues per day… its best to be comfortable.

As I’ve mentioned my jacket was a gift from one of my very fashionable cousins, she had purchased this in Forever 21 (affordable!) but I cannot find it anywhere online. I’ve linked many other similar teddy bear coats for you all as well!

Stay warm loves!

Outfit details…

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