Day Dreamer

Recently I picked up this sweater on Christmas Eve Eve… who doesn’t love to go shopping when the malls are crowded, the parking lot is a game of don’t hit that car or those people? If you can sense my sarcasm then you can sense that I am the Grinch during the holiday season. But I am a sucker for anything super cozy with a little bit of sparkle

This sweater is actually very soft, I am always looking for sweaters that aren’t plain but doesn’t have an annoying basic catch phrase on it. This saying reminded me of a few different things when it came to day dreaming… firstly the Monkee’s song “Day Dream believer”tumblr_ojc2toga1t1u501aoo1_400.gif

and lastly one of my favorite movies, Uncle Buck. Around the 2:19 mark he talks about his niece being a dreamer and a silly heart, as she should be just being a kid….

His final words to the principal aren’t so bad either hahah

Speaking of day dreaming I wanted to take a moment (or a long paragraph or two) to express how my 2017 went. I started the new year off with my best friend and goals I wanted to accomplish, mostly it was to stay positive and surround myself with positivity. I kept with my routine for my blog and ended up finding other bloggers whom have become my go to supporters and inspiration. These girls I have never met, but the blogging community welcomed me with open arms. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am that I have been able to get such amazing support and positivity from these ladies … it really is what kept me going this year. 2018 I plan on connecting with more bloggers outside of the social media spectrum and putting myself out there more. I had attended the Create & Cultivate conference which gave me so much education and positive support on where I should take my blog next. It was an experience I won’t forget, especially getting to meet Something Navy. She was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and inspired me to start my very own blog, I had the opportunity to thank her in person and she was the sweetest, most humble and of course beautifully styled. I am so grateful for coming across Create & Cultivates post about their conference.

So much had changed in 2017…I was becoming consistent with my blog, I found a new job with an opportunity to further my career, new coworkers who are amazingly supportive of my hobby and new things about myself. Pushing myself to the limits like working out consistently the first half of the year with a 12 week challenge, this year I plan on making it past 6 months haha! A change in my daily surroundings has made me so much happier too, despite my 4 hours a day spent on a bus commuting home (thank you rush hour traffic) I used it to find inspiration, connect with more bloggers or catch up on some needed sleep. Pushing myself to my extreme limits to see how far I could make it was a good and bad thing. I pushed myself to try new things without giving up, pushed myself to have the ability to do it all. What I did learn at the end of this year is that you need to rest and you need to SCHEDULE rest time, “me time.” Going into 2018 I hope to get back into the groove of blogging and shooting looks. Reading the daily positive captions and interacting with girls who love fashion just as much as I do. For me its not about the amount of likes that I’m getting but that I’m sharing something that I love to share, and that is fashion. I’ll never stop day dreaming…

Wishing everyone the happiest of new years. A Resting Bitch Face Cheers to 2018!

Outfit details..

Xx Sarah

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