Star Gazing

You really thought I left my obsession for star print back in 2017? Think again. I love everything star print, and this scarf is perfect for 2 reasons: 1. star print winter accessories when my outfit is under layers of winter gear 2. it keeps me warm! Old Navy really was my go to for holiday shopping…

Some days I don’t feel like wearing a thick or heavy scarf when braving the cold, especially since I am constantly taking public transportation. Layers are a necessity because you need to be able to take them off with ease and not pass out from the hot air or packed buses or trains. This has been my go to lately since its light enough where I don’t feel too bundled but warm enough to keep the cold away. Sometimes I even keep it on while I am at work just for an extra flare to my outfit. Who doesn’t like to add a printed accessory?

Outfit details…

Old Navy Lightweight Star Printed Scarf

Xx Sarah

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