Green times two: mixing & matching

All girls have that moment where you feel the need to buy a new outfit instead of looking at the potential 100 or more options in your closet. Today I took that challenge and decided to use the same pants in 2 different looks with these olive green jeans. These jeans are from Zara that I purchased last spring, they are super stretchy and a mid rise jean. Normally I would prefer a higher rise jean but after some winter bulking you can clearly see my booty grew a size or two – no complaints here 😉

Look #1:

Incorporating my favorite colors, black and gold, I decided to go for a different take with these looks. The only newest item I have is my hat, this is such a trendy hat and I absolutely love it! I purchased this on sale during Black Friday (can you tell how behind I am on sharing new things). This newsboy hat definitely took this look to the next level, my sweater and leather jacket are items I wear daily and it goes perfectly with these jeans.

Now my boots, this brings more of an obvious military feel to this outfit. I didn’t even bother to clean them up much because I have been wearing these since December and THEY ARE PERFECT! The first snowfall here in New York these boots not only kept me warm but my feet dry. These were a great find on ASOS and I am so happy I purchased them.

Outfit details look #1:

Look #2:

My first look was very tom-boyish, which tends to be my style. Other days I can be very girly so this is where I wanted to show that off. I replaced the sweater with one of my favorite lace bell sleeved shirts, wearing the leather jacket and rolling up the sleeves to show off those details was a fun and different way to wear this top. The ankle booties were a nice girly final touch to this second look… although I haven’t worn heels in what feels like forever!

Outfit details look #2:

  • Zara Colored Jeans (unavailable) |options above |
  • Free People Kiss And Bell Lace Top (closet archives) | Similar tops from ASOS, Forever 21, original option from Poshmark |
  • Forever 21 Biker Jacket (closet archives) | Similar option from Dynamite |
  • Steve Madden Edit Booties (unavailable) | Similar pair here |

Xx Sarah

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