Cozy Winter Whites

Staying cozy and warm is a necessity in the winter, sometimes its not always about looking cute but staying warm. With this sweater from Target I was able to accomplish the cute and warm look. I loved that this had such a mix of fabric: faux sherpa, faux suede and a knit. Everything that is needed when it comes to a cozy winter look.

The waterfall draped front of the sweater has the best parts of the sweater which is a mix of faux fur and suede, these layers definitely help battle the bitter cold. With the comfort of a knit all around, these extra details make it even better. The sleeves are bit longer for me personally but you can easily roll them up to make it easier to wear or use it as a longer layer to keep your hands warm! I pulled out a top that I wore recently over the summer. Certain items in your closet can be used all year round, its just a matter of how you use them. Although this cami is pretty thin for the winter time wearing it with a sweater makes it an item you can wear throughout all the seasons and it allows me to wear those winter whites as well!

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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