Grey Coat

Working 9-5, M-F in Midtown may seem part dream and part dreadful. I am knee deep in tourist attractions which means nothing but non-New Yorkers surround me. Once in awhile I spot a native New Yorker walking warp speed (like myself) down the street and instantly get fashion inspiration. Granted I have seen plenty of suits, which are all in various shades of blue, but I hardly ever see a fashionista strutting the streets. Recently I rare sighting of a fashionable New Yorker sparked an idea – A STATEMENT COAT.

This may sound absolutely stupid, probably even lame… but sometimes the smallest things can spark something inside your brain. This girl was wearing a navy coat with a single gold button, everything about her look was simple and I LOVED IT. The amount of different tops and jeans and sneakers one can switch out using the same damn coat got me beyond excited. Spring is nearly around the corner and I can’t keep wearing my long bubble coat or peacoat for much longer. I needed transitional coats, which I do not own.

Transitional coats are a must, especially in New York where the morning may start out pretty chilly and by the afternoon you are regretting wearing anything from the winter. Of course I have made this mistake, who doesn’t enjoy sweating bullets down 40th and onto 5th Avenue? To avoid this disaster come the spring, I purchased 2 new coats. This grey coat being one of them.

As I’ve discussed on my instagram stories, this coat is a size 6… I have to be able to close it around my hip area which is much wider than my upper body, hence the size up. It being a bigger size doesn’t bother me because I prefer oversized outer wear , so much better than being stuffed into a piece of clothing. Also my purchasing a bigger size, I am able to wear a bulkier sweater with ease… you know for those colder days in the early spring and late fall. This color was light and fun which got me super excited for the spring!

Pairing it with this very cute sheer button down (also from ASOS) I felt very casual business wearing this look. This button down is very long, almost a tunic IMO…. I did decide to keep this rather than returning it because I can layer it with sweaters and even wear my faux leather leggings with this without having to worry about covering my behind. Without the coat it does look like an art smock, I will not lie haha!

And of course I wore this with sneakers! I wear them nearly every day… and sneakers are finally becoming more fashionable over heels! My feet are rejoicing because I cannot walk in heels! Sneakers have become such a staple in my style that without them, I don’t know who the girl is in the mirror.

I’d like to take the time to dedicate this post to my Grandma who recently passed. Today I am wearing her pearl necklace. When I styled this look from the very beginning of shopping online I knew that I wanted to incorporate her signature pearls. My grandma taught me so many things without saying much, she always showed me…. growing up she always had herself put together, whether it was just sitting at home, having company over or going out. She never missed a moment where she didn’t look put together. She taught me that if you dress nicely you will instantly feel better about yourself and the day ahead. Ellie, this look is for you.

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah


  • lilthoughtswithjen
    Posted March 18, 2018 11:14 am

    I feel the same way girl! I always wish i can just throw on some sweats and run out the door, but then new yorkers are always so well dressed!
    xx jen

    • indecisivelystylish
      Posted March 19, 2018 10:51 am

      I feel ya girl, they truly have an effortless chic look about them so i always try to pull inspiration from that
      Xx Sarah

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