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Hello to all my fellow budget shoppers! I know there are plenty of girls out there who like nice shit but refuse to spend the insane amount of money listed on the price tag. Well fear not! I have found a trick to avoid this issue…. other than a sample sale haha!If you follow me on instagram and actually watch my stories then you’ll see how I recently got a pair of Tom Ford Sunnies for HALF THE PRICE! WHAT?!

Yes, before you jump to conclusion’s like so

Let me answer your rapid fire questions:

  • Yes they are authentic
  • No they weren’t gifted
  • Yes when I said HALF THE PRICE, I MEANT IT!

I’ve written here before how I love to shop on Amazon. My Celine sunglasses are from Amazon, so I am no stranger to the site and app. Sunglasses are a designer splurge that I am willing to spend for a few reasons: I wear them daily, I end up wearing them for a few years, it is worth the money because I don’t have shitty sunglasses that are falling apart every other month. Yeah you might think oh these $5 sunglasses are worth it to wear every day but hear me out…. they are $5 for a reason – made cheaply. Do I buy cheap sunglasses? Yes, but for sunglasses that I’m purchasing because they are trendy or a pair that I will wear to the beach. Beach sunglasses are an entire other post haha! My point is if you are going to wear sunglasses every single day then they might as well be a pair that is going to last.

I will share that I have a pair of Gucci sunglasses that I splurged on right out of college, I spent a pretty penny… Although I wore them for about a year they are now just sitting in their case. A waste of money. After that I got a pair of Ray Bans and they have gone above and beyond what I paid for. I have worn them for about 6 years now… and it shows because over time I became careless so they are truly worn in haha! Since then I have always lusted over nicer designer sunglasses… Celines, Tom Ford, Dita, Dior, Chanel, etc. etc. …. But I wasn’t going to repeat my Gucci Glasses waste.

So these are my tips for shopping for designer sunglasses online:

  1. Find the pair of designer sunglasses that you want! I always go to the designers website, Bloomingdales or Nordstroms to see what I like. From there I get the correct name and style number for the sunglasses.
  2. Check out Amazon – sometimes they don’t always have the pair that I want or they look like they are knockoffs… if I am going to get the pair that I want then I want it to be authentic. Once you find your favorite pair then compare the price to what is listed on the designer’s website.
  3. READ THE REVIEWS! I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to read reviews and leave reviews. As a consistent Amazon purchaser it is important to leave honest reviews.
    • As a precaution I often compare the photos of the products and what to look out for to make sure they are authentic such as the description on the inside of the arms of the sunglasses and what packaging to expect them in. This is a HUGE tip off to know if your product is a knockoff!
  4. Review the sellers ratings – this is another important review, you want to be sure that you are purchasing from someone who has a lot of reviews and a good rating. You wouldn’t just purchase a pair of designer anything from any one right?

If you check out my instagram highlights under “CHATTER” you will see my price comparison of these sunglasses.. and the price has consistently gone down since then!

Tom Ford Tracy Sunglasses

Xx Sarah

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