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Target is my weakness. Who else can agree with the previous sentence? EVERYONE! They have always been my go to for just about everything under the sun, it is often a danger to go to the store without a chaperon. You always walk out with 100 things you didn’t necessarily need but couldn’t walk pass. They have the same effect on you even online. I was looking for another faux fur coat but nothing like I had been seeing all over instagram or on the streets. It was always the same cut, style, and feel. Since I am a giant pain in the ass to myself, I HAD TO FIND SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Target answered my fashion prayers with this coat…

This is a faux fur coat that is cut like a moto jacket, which I love the combination! Initially I thought this would be a bit lighter in color rather than so beige, this is the hard part about shopping online is not knowing how it is going to look in person. Although in the store I would have passed this coat on the rack when I saw it online I couldn’t not add it to cart. Trying to think of the coolest ways to style this coat became a daunting task, finally I gave in and wore it how I would if I were running out the door and needed to grab a coat the last minute.  And this is exactly how I would wear it.

Staying true to my style and adding in some new items, the final look is always the same. Jeans, a graphic tee and converse. My all time favorite go to combo…. Normally I would wear a leather jacket but today I wanted to feel comfy and a bit boujee! This graphic tee is new to my (large) collection and I love it! To make it more fitted I used a little trick – a clear rubber band! Any time I try to knot a shirt using fabric IT NEVER STAYS, LIKE EVER! Which means I am constantly mumbling “fuck, this fucking shirt” and its just not fun. This quick trick allows me to have the look that I did knot the fabric but I really didn’t 😉

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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