Camel Coat

Who doesn’t own a camel coat? I feel like every girl and every blogger has done a look with this style/color coat. Now I am not hating on this coat whatsoever, but it was more of a delayed reaction as to why it is such a great staple to a girls closet. IT GOES WITH NEARLY EVERYTHING! I mean hello, it is the perfect neutral that you can throw over nearly any damn look. And for a girl who tends to always wear black head to toe this is a great way to bring some other color to my look other than white.

With this look I wanted to keep it simple, something that I would put together at 6:15-6:30AM during the work week. Some days I am just too damn tired to want to put a shit ton of effort into a look… its an adrenaline rush and I am pumped ALL DAY LONG because I FEEL FUCKING AWESOME… but then I get home and I have shit to do, and I am tired which means it ain’t going to happen and if it does… tomorrows look will probably be something like this but with extremely messy hair.

A simple black sweater that I’ve had in my closet for almost a decade, jeans that I wear almost every single week and my new favorite sneakers. SIMPLE. This is a signature to my style, an effortless look that actually took a shit ton of effort to put together. The sleeves on this jacket are a bit longer and that is because I got a size 6, as I’ve mentioned in my instagram stories 100 times over I have to get bigger sizes because of these hips- they don’t lie. The oversized feel of it makes me love it even more… just when I button it up I feel like I am wearing a giant brown paper bag. All about being honest here and that is exactly how I feel. A fierce brown paper bag with RBF.

Jumping to these sneakers – oh my shit. BEST PURCHASE EVER! I saw them on another bloggers page and she raved about them. Always looking for the next best comfortable sneaker I had to try them out. The beatings that my shoes take on a daily basis is insane, constantly walking around… whether it be to get from point A to point B or walking aimlessly for 20 minutes because my anxiety decided to mess with me that day. Having a good pair of sneakers to walk in and feel fashionable is such a must! I used to give looks to women who wore sneakers with their suits traveling to work. You know those typical 90’s styled white sneakers with thick socks (which are ironically coming back)…. any way now I am sort’ve one of those ladies. Minus the suit. I haven’t worn one of those in I can’t tell you how long! But this look is a nice summary of what I have been wearing to work =)

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah


  • YlyaYa
    Posted April 27, 2018 4:35 am

    This coat is charming! I think it will look great with any outfit, since this model is timeless.

    • indecisivelystylish
      Posted April 27, 2018 10:57 am

      Thank you so much!!

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