Leith Jeans by Nordstrom’s Review

DUDES! It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted here…. and not been the photographer of my own photos. Today I am going to be giving my honest review about these Leith jeans from Nordstroms. I have always been looking for that one brand that will compliment my body shape – the difficult pear, the booty, the petite booty style.Since my body shape is petite, pear, and a giant pain in the booty it has been a journey to find jean brand that I love. And I think I have gotten that much closer with these Leith Jeans.

The material is stretchy and comfortable, this is key when it comes to curves… and the raw hem makes it easier for me to shorten the hem myself. This particular style of jeans has a step raw hem, so short in the front and longer in the back… a mullet hem if you will. These jeans would look perfect with a pair of heels too!!

I ordered a size 28 and they fit comfortably around my hips which is perfect. Although I do think I could have potentially sized down, the more you wear them the more they seem to stretch out. Which is much like any other stretchy pair of jeans…

Ultimately, I would recommend these jeans – even at the $70 price tag. Definitely size down when buying these because they are so stretchy!

Outfit details…

Leith Ripped Step Hem Skinny Jeans

Xx Sarah

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