Travel Diaries: Miami

Have you ever just felt the need to impulsively book a vacation? Where nothing you seem to do can get you out of this funk and maybe it is just time to take a step back to hit the reset button? This is exactly how this trip transpired. I’ve always wanted to visit Miami and this was my chance to do it.

Hotel: COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach

It was recommended to stay near Collins Avenue and I personally wanted a beach front hotel or something in short walking distance to the beach. Although everyone says to stay in South Beach, it isn’t that far and I didn’t feel like breaking the bank with a hotel. The COMO Metropolitan is a moderately priced hotel and fairly new, my experience there was beyond amazing, I felt like I was treated like royalty! The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, I was able to check in early (to my ocean front view) and head straight to the beach, which quiet and serene…just what the doctor ordered. I kicked off my vacation the right way with a massage my first night there. No better way to relax after traveling for 50% of my day – this spa staff was extremely kind and spoke so softly. My loud mouth New Yorker self had to adjust quickly to my surroundings…. now this was my first time ever having a massage so I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the time it ended and I was walking back to my room I felt as if every bit of toxic emotions, thoughts or negativity just left my body completely. The staff at the COMO Metropolitan definitely helped me keep the relaxation mode on for the entirety of my stay… and I totally plan on returning (very, very soon!).

I didn’t splurge greatly on all new looks for this trip because there wasn’t a great need to have a ton of new things – but no one can argue that new bikinis for a new season isn’t totally a terribly idea. Plus I always love to shop in my cousins closet for new things, its a great way to save some money too.  Last summer I spent more time at the pool than I did at the beach and when I was at the beach I used the same ole bags and cover ups. This summer I used my trip as an excuse to pick up a new beach bag, cover up and 1-2 new bikinis (my collection is already out of control!).

Like this high waisted bikini…

…or this one piece bikini

And this coverup which went great with both bikinis…

I wanted to be smart with my purchases about not breaking the bank and things that I can use the next few seasons until they are falling apart – much like my dingy white cover ups and flip flops which barely lasted my California trip.

My only “splurge item” or “I don’t really need this but I’m going to get it any way” was this dress from Vici. I’ve seen 2 other bloggers rave about this shop and I had to check it out for myself… They are based out of California and since the state holds a special place in my heart, I wanted to purchase at least one item for my trip. They offer 20% off for first time customers so I was able to get this maxi dress with some money off.

Although color is so much fun to wear, especially in Miami, I always gravitate towards black and white. Polka Dots being the “it” pattern this summer season I knew it would be a great purchase. With the gorgeous colorful and full of life Miami backdrop my look stayed true to my style.

All of my other items are closet archives that I either purchased last season or borrowed.

Vacation details…

Xx Sarah

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