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Every girl has a different “body shape” that fall into a few “categories” that are either fruit related or direct descriptives. Apple, pear, curvy, straight, athletic, plus size, petite, fuller bust, flat, short, tall… the list goes on. Am I the only person who doesn’t particularly fall into these very specific categories? Sometimes it feels that way, which makes researching fits and trends all the more difficult. Your style should be a reflection of who you are as a person, so essentially it is what you like… whether it is trendy or not. Flattering lines and hems are key. Some women just say “fuck it, I like it – I’M WEARING IT!” whether it looks flattering or not. All the more power to you, but I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have done that and seen a photo of myself just to say “WTF WAS I THINKING?!” Hence the reason for my post. These tips are a “friendship” of style tips and personality.

My body “type” is a pear/curvy/petite/short.

Do I always like what “pear shapes” should wear? NO.

Do I always like what “curvy shapes” should wear? YES, but I don’t have the boobs for it.

Do petite clothing flatter me? Not always, they seem to hate my hips.

Does short pants fit me? Usually either just right or too short.

A few years ago I had a “fuck it” moment where I refused to follow what the magazines and Pinterest were telling me to wear. So I developed these style tips that work best for my body shape and personal style.

Draw attention to your waist

The easiest style tip always does the trick – this is the half way point between my polar opposite shapes of my body. You can do this by wearing a body con style dress or one of my favorite rouched dresses –

these are incredibly flattering to my figure and I cannot get enough of them. Although Dynamite no longer carries this dress, I’ve linked an extremely similar one from Nordstrom’s below.


This stripped body con dress can be a little tricky. I loved that the stripes were vertical and not horizontal. The cut of the dress was what made it so flattering. One shoulder ruffle with a fitted waist is what kept the attention to my waist. The balance was from the same ruffles on the bottom of the dress… it gave me the perfect hour glass figure.

H&M Blazer

Blazers believe it or not can help show off your waist when you wear them buttoned – normally I hate to wear them buttoned up but look at what it does to my body shape when I do. Its magic!

Leith Jeans

High Waisted everything – jeans, shorts, pants… you name it keep it high waisted. Not only does this emphasize my curves but it also keeps the attention at my waist, which is where I want it to be. Mid rise jeans work just as well when you pair it with a flowy or boxy top. Anything lower than a mid rise jean will just be unflattering and muffin tops galore. This brings me to my next tip….

The Darker the wash, the better

So I’ve had a hate relationship with the cut of jeans I am to wear that “flatters” my shape. I feel uncomfortable and momish in boot cut jeans and I cannot stand the “trouser” shape…. it does not flatter me in any which way shape or form. So. I created my own rules….

Dark/medium wash jeans ALWAYS. As Lady GaGa once said its the “perfect illusion,” these colors won’t draw unnecessary or unwanted attention to your “potential problem areas” or in other words your pound cake area. Personally I feel more confident in darker/medium wash jeans in a variety of cuts: skinny, boyfriend, flared, wide pants/jeans.

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As you have probably noticed, I always link the same jeans in my posts because I found a pair that works best for my shape AND height. Express has a variety of options when it comes to styles, cuts and LENGTHS! It saves me money from going to the tailer and they fit just right – a majority of their jeans come in regular, short, tall and now long. Their short jeans fit me perfectly and their cropped jeans fit me just as well! I get these in mid rise since all of my high rise jeans are from Dynamite.

TBH when I first discovered the store I had a field day with their jeans, finally a pair of comfortable, skinny, high waisted jeans I can wear daily!! AND THEY HAVE DISTRESSED DENIM! Clearly I got as many as I needed and until they are worn thin, I have no need to purchase any new ones… which is a lie. Because I have

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Gap’s girlfriend jeans are also very flattering. It isn’t a boyfriend style which is more baggy (and period friendly), but a wider fit skinny jean – does that make sense? I love wearing these, although they are a bit of a lighter color.. it is all about how you style them. As I did here, the wash is a bit lighter than I would typically get BUT I paired it with a flowy top  in both looks which had all of the attention on my upper body.


Wider leg pants/flared pants/jeans are another variety of my favorites. These velvet wide leg pants were heaven because they combined a few of my style tips: high waisted, attention is on my waist, dark, comfort. A girls dream! Since they are so wide I decided a simple graphic tee tucked in would be the perfect fit to my look. Typically if you are wearing wider pants you want to keep your top more fitted (or cropped if you are comfortable). Recently, I purchased these cropped pants from Target and I AM OBSESSED! Often I wear it with a fitted black shirt, but I can definitely pair it with a cute bandeau top too.

Currently, I am still experimenting with shorts. It was recommended to me that American Eagle had THE BEST shorts, so last summer I went to pick up 2 pairs. My late 20 year old ass could not go to Hollister and expect to fit into the same shorts as a 12-14 year old. I was pretty pleased with the purchases since I kept in mind that I didn’t want to look like I was stuffed into them. These festival styled shorts were perfect and I really love wearing them! Although they are a bit cheekier than what I was looking for they were high waisted, plus I loved there was a mix wash of denim. The dark wash was on the outter part of the jeans, where my hips were and in the middle it was a lighter wash, a perfect mix of what I always want to wear and what I should be wearing. This denim mix gives the illusion of a “slimmer” bottom without having to drop any lbs.

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The other pair I have is also a high waist jean short but the length is definitely longer. Bermuda shorts make me uncomfortable and honestly uncomfortable. IMO they were not made for girls with a booty. These shorts were a bit shorter which was more of a comfortable fit, they are also a darker wash which is what I “should” be wearing. And yes I wanted them distressed/destroyed. It is part of my personal style!

Top it off

My personal style has always been jeans and a tee. I can never and will never stray away from that. Graphic tees are usually my go to, especially when I want to wear it with a blazer to work. The busy print on my top will draw attention to my upper body rather than my lower body, and when paired with dark wash jeans – you have a styled outfit!

Bell sleeves have been seen a lot on my blog, especially this one from free people. I love the lace, I love the sleeves, I love feeling like Sabrina the teenaged Witch. It adds balance to my shape since my lower half is much wider than my upper body. Since I’m not considered “curvy” because my bra size doesn’t balance out my hip size, this top is my all time go to for the fall.

This Zara top is the perfect example of a bell sleeve with a boxier fit. All of the attention is on my sleeves rather than my midsection.

While this top from ASOS is more boxier and flowy all around. It balances out my look since I am wearing skinny white jeans and the top is so dark. The reason why this works and is so flattering is because the top meets at the tops of my hips where I am widest and brings a seamless line from head to toe.

Wear what you like!

This is pretty self explanatory. If you like it, wear it! Trends will come and go by your personal style will always remain the same. Despite thinking my style has evolved over the years, the basics of what I wear have always been the same since I was a teenager. Just a hell of a lot more put together!

All of the examples of outfits that I shared are looks that I didn’t wear because they were “trending” but it was a look that I liked. I took the “style tips” I have read online, in magazines or on a fashion focused TV show and created my own. This is what makes fashion and style so much fun – you can create it all!

*please note some items are closet archives – options for some items that are unavailable are linked below!

    Dynamite dress | Similar option from Nordstrom |

Xx Sarah

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