Nightmare Machine

I absolutely live for the month of October, Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. These pop-up museums and events have been happening for some time now in New York City, have I gone to any one of them? No. Why? Because I get “Yeah we should go!” and then it never happens. Finally, I was able to convince some amazing people that it was a great idea to go to the Nightmare Machine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And let me tell you this, IT DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT! And of course, I dressed up for the occasion…

My inspiration came from a mix of American Horror Story: Coven and Shay Mitchell. Recently Shay posted a photo from Paris with a mesh dress, black pants, and a leather jacket. I was obsessed with it per usual. In search of this I couldn’t find anything that I was absolutely in love with, luckily I remembered Coven. They wore different styles of black that showcased their personalities. Amazon had a very pretty black lace mesh kimono which I knew I could use as part of an outfit or even as a beach coverup – it was a win-win. The lace detail was so pretty and I loved how it looked. I struggled with having the black leather jacket over it since I felt as if it was making me look wider than I actually was. In some instances, I left it on, and others I didn’t. Bottom line the theme of the night was:


Ultimately I ended wearing the black lace mesh Amazon kimono, my black tank bodysuit from ASOS, Express black jeans and my black over the knee boots. Originally I had planned to wear my heeled boots, but then I remembered how much mileage my shoes get when I am in NYC – so flat boots it was.

When you first walk into the Nightmare Machine there is a quick photo op moment with a coffin shaped chair. I was in love! Leaving my leather jacket on for the next few rooms was part of my plan, I really was forcing myself to step outside of my comfort zone….

little did I know that I was about to walk into another zone: Alien invasion.

The next room is what I was most excited to get into. It was a complete graveyard with the funniest headstones: “Literally Dead,” “The L Train,” “YOU,” “None of the Feels.” I spent more time laughing than wanting to take photos at first, since it was one after the other!

I had to get a nice shot with my leather jacket and floppy hat, which you’ll see here:

I’ve had both of these pieces in my closet and hardly ever wear them together. What I discovered is wearing a hat in this style in NYC is difficult. Wind, the wind I was creating from walking 10mph on the street – but I held onto my head for fashion purposes!


The Nightmare Machine is originally the Dream Machine which is a laundry mat inspired popup (which I never got to see). This room had a fun surprise behind the washer doors, a room filled with bodies – of fuckboys I presumed. Throughout our time there the lights would suddenly go out and a worker with a clown mask would pop up. I was convinced that the clown was in there so I ran through for a quick photo – you could clearly see how terrified I was to be scared and around bodies of fuckboys. At least they gave us cotton candy as a free treat!

The following room was HELL.


Literally the ball pits of hell. I haven’t done a trust fall in the longest time, especially since I would do this as a kid all the time when going into a ball pit. It brought me back to better memories of how much fun it is to just fall back knowing you aren’t going to get hurt. This could open up a whole bag of worms in relation to my dating life in these millennial times but I won’t open that door today.

The final room reminded me of Dexter’s kill room and it was by far one of my favorite TV Shows and book series. This really was the best place for me to get a full shot of my outfit in bright light since most of the rooms were so dark, and yes I am fully aware I wore ALL BLACK. It was where I met my final ending on his table and I really just wanted to mimic what 8 other girls did before me.

Overall, I would say that the Nightmare Machine was definitely a fun night out and the perfect Halloween Instagram experience. I loved all of the installations that they created, it had the perfect flow of all things Halloween related – aliens, graveyard, bugs, hell, clowns and murder scenes. All of the workers were willing to help take your photos of you and your friends with the installations while keeping the crowd moving from room to room. The clown even participated perfectly in our adventure throughout all of the rooms. So I can finally say that I have attended one of these cool popups and it was a Coven first!


Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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