Graphic Tee’s

Graphic tees have always been a part of my style since I was an angry teenager. It is what mostly defines my style since I always throw on a graphic tee to wear it with a blazer, leather jacket, sweater or to add more of a casual look to my outfit. What I always tend to stick to is graphic tees that I can always wear.

It is easy to get suckered into wearing shirts with funny sayings on them or “trendy” phrases. Sometimes a particular movie is out that is popular or its a simple band graphic tee. What I try to look for are colors/prints that I can use to pull out into other aspects of my outfit… this makes it easier to build an outfit around it. Having endless options when it comes to one top will make life easier but for me its deciding on which look to go with first.

Graphic tees can be worn with so many different ways, my classic go-to look is with jeans and a blazer. Depending on the length of the graphic tee you can even wear it with leggings and a long cardigan – for this type of style, I suggest buying a larger size tee so it would have a baggier look. You can even wear a graphic tee with a pencil skirt to balance out a casual chic style – this is something I would love to try this season! Graphic tees are a great way to add layers to any outfit you are trying to put together, it can add the slightest bit of chic to a very minimalistic outfit – by wearing it with a blazer styled coat, hoodie, jeans and sneakers/booties this can add the extra piece to make your look complete!

Target has been my go-to store for all graphic tees, they are affordable and super comfortable. Hot Topic is where I tend to go to for my band tees… I’ve been shopping there since I was in high school for certain classic shirts. Some other places you can shop graphic tees are Express – their one eleven line has the softest tees or  Urban Outfitters – which can be a little pricier. Depending on what you are looking for, the options are endless!

Here are some of my favorite graphic tees:

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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