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Tis the season to be cozy! With the colder winter weather here to stay, we all know that we’d prefer to be indoors cozy and warm. The reality is that most of us still have to brave the freezing cold to go to work and be social. On those days where you have the pleasure of staying home or you just want to be anti-social, you want to be comfortable. This is a word I use in nearly every single post on my blog – COMFORT! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sleepwear and loungewear for you all to shop.

Because the reality of winter is this:mean girls sweatpants.gif

Winter bulking is my favorite excuse to use in the winter when I am constantly eating. We can blame the holidays, being cold, wearing bulky sweaters and coats but the reality is sweatpants are glorious. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD PAIR OF SWEATS?

Joggers have been my favorite go-to pair of sweats this past year. I picked up a pair from Aerie and Gap that completely changed my life. What I love most about these joggers is that they are fitted just above the ankle, so you never have to worry about your pant leg hiking up when you are snuggled on the couch. My ultimate pick would be the ones from Aerie, their loungewear selection is ridiculously comfortable.  With that said, a close second would be the star print fleece pair from Target (shown below). I recently picked these up on a whim, not only are they warm but they are the perfect winter lounge pants! Here are some more of my more of my favorite joggers:

Pairing these with a comfortable top usually depends on my mood. Am I freezing cold? Am I grumpy? Am I mushy? Do I feel like wearing a bra today? Typically I always wear a hoodie with every pair of sweatpants and joggers. Until I discovered Express’ One Eleven line – this was a total game changer. Wearing a soft shirt or thinner sweatshirt changed how I viewed loungewear, which could also be used as sleepwear. I love it when one item can be worn multiple ways, the t-shirts from Express are incredibly soft. I’ve worn them with a cardigan or just as a regular t-shirt, but what I often wear them as is with my joggers. The hoodie is also insanely comfortable! If you prefer to layer then I suggest wearing it with a tank underneath, I have plenty of tanks from Aerie (because they are so damn soft!) that I use during the summer and winter. When it is a bit colder I prefer to wear a thermal to bed sometimes when it is the north pole outside in NYC. Last Christmas I picked up some thermals from Old Navy and they were great! I paired them with matching thermal pants for the perfect “I hate the cold weather” pajama look.

Pajama pants or shorts tend to become ugly over time. I have always worn them in until they were falling apart until I finally realized that I was investing in really crappy pajamas bottoms, sometimes not even real pajama bottoms! It took some time for me to reinvent my pajama bottom collection but one thing hasn’t changed and that is my love for pajama pants and shorts. Typically, year round I used to wear shorts – weird I know. Mostly because I had 4-5 blankets to stay warm until that became old haha! Out went mismatched pajamas and in came pajama sets. I really tried to make sure what I was buying I could easily mix and match so I didn’t feel like a child wearing the same pajama sets every night. As I mentioned above, the thermal pajama pants are a new favorite of mine – these are great for freezing cold winter nights. You can’t go wrong with regular pajama pants either – Old Navy has always been a great go-to of mine for all pajama wear. Aerie quickly stole my heart when they had the softest pajama shorts I have ever encountered. Previously I was a very loyal fan to Victoria Secret and PINK – throughout all of college that is all I wore from head to toe. What I did begin to notice is certain items over time just didn’t last, and for the price that I had been paying it was really disappointing. Aerie is very well known for their body positivity and it is something I had immediately appreciated when discovering their brand. Initially, I picked up only a few of their shorts to start with, now my entire draw is filled with them!

Now if you are really wondering what started this entire post, it was THIS ONESIE:

I saw this on Shay Mitchell’s Instagram a few years back, googled it and ordered one immediately. Stupidly I didn’t check if it was adult sized, fun fact: IT IS FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY! So be sure that you are ordering an ADULT SIZED onesie haha! I really love how festive this onesie is, not only did I wear it for Christmas morning last year but I also recently wore it to a Christmas Pajama Party. Some other onesies you might want to consider buying:

Xx Sarah

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