Chic Winter Look

Looking chic or stylish in New York City during the winter is often a hell of a task. Do you risk catching a cold to leave your coat open so the world can see your outfit? YES…. depending on the temperature and length of the walk. What I have learned is that you have days where you want to stay warm and other days where you want to look fabulous head to toe. To be quite honest, it is insanely simple to achieve.

From a previous OOTD, I discovered I didn’t own a black turtleneck. Something every girl should own, whether you think you will ever wear it or not – the piece is just good to have. Post holidays, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and everything I had found from my go to stores had been “ribbed.” Per usual, Amazon came to the rescue with an affordable and prime item. My turtleneck is perfectly fitted with the softest fabric, I didn’t feel like I was stuffed into my top either. Sometimes the collar of turtlenecks is a little too tight for my liking, but this was perfect.

Pinterest is always a great place to search for inspiration when you are laying in bed, pretending like you were going to sleep 3 hours ago and your just scrolling away. On one of my boards, I found a simple look – turtleneck, light-washed jeans and booties. I HAVE ALL OF THESE ITEMS, YES I CAN WEAR THIS!

Suddenly, it was 6:15AM and I decided a winged liner wasn’t going to happen. I was just too tired. The point of my poll on my Instagram was to see which looked better – sunglasses or no sunglasses. I always take pictures with my glasses on, especially in public, it has become a security blanket of some sorts for me. Doing my best to do a full eye look at 6:30AM while scrambling get ready and to catch my bus, I hoped for the best.

Typically, I don’t wear lighter washed jeans for a few reasons: my hips are very wide, they don’t flatter my figure and I’m just not used to wearing them. Sticking to my guns, I kept these jeans from Dynamite on for my full look. The contrast it had created with the rest of my black look gave it a bit more life than I realized. Although I do wish I threw on my favorite belt from Express for added black and gold.

I kept my jacket on because it was cold and I love the black and gold combo (if you hadn’t already figured that out yet). This Vince Camuto coat is from Macy’s a few years ago which I had shared on my blog once before. My booties are from DSW that are a lower heel, I believe they are 2″ or less. Point is they are extremely comfortable to walk in and are NYC approved! Typically I wear sneakers every day to work and in the winter I have my combat boots. These patent leather booties have made it into my weekly line up!

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah


  • alimackin2013
    Posted February 26, 2019 3:12 pm

    Oh this is a chic look Love the overcoat!

    Allie of

    • indecisivelystylish
      Posted February 26, 2019 3:50 pm

      Thank you love!! Xx

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