How to Layer Coats

It all started with an inspiration from Pinterest and my indecision to decide which look I wanted to recreate. I never thought that my indecision would create such a fun look, and something I never considered doing: layering coats. We all have those fun fashion coats which are realistically not warm enough to wear during a frigid day, especially here in New York. So why not layer your favorite coats for a fun (and interesting) look.

I had been torn between wearing this camel coat and my leather jacket. It kept me up for a few nights, my mornings consisted of laying in bed for an extra few minutes if I really wanted to try this look. Finally, when I found this little bit of inspiration after complaining to my coworker about how I was crying in my closet from indecision. And I thought “OH I CAN DO THIS! I HAVE EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTO!”

Recently we were gifted with a small taste of spring and by the time I post this Elsa would have returned with her cold winter weather. Not to worry because this layering idea can work for the winter as well (at least I hope it does).

This outfit is a balance of hard and soft – cozy camel coat and a badass faux leather jacket. What I loved most about this is that I had 2 looks in one! Not only was I able to show off my camel coat but I managed to incorporate my go-to faux leather jacket. In the “inspiration” photo she wore a grey shirt, which you can choose to go for instead but since it is the winter and it was 38 degrees in the morning when I left I went for my grey sweater from Express. And yes, it is itchy.

Pairing it with high waisted black jeans from Dynamite, which are very much faded after many years of wear, and my new Doc Martens. If you follow me on Instagram then you would know it has been a journey trying to break these in – on most days my updates are “crying and my boots are filled with blood and blisters.” I absolutely love the way they look! Just be warned that they are very hard to break in, ultimately these were an investment piece since I knew that I would have them forever and love them more when they didn’t hurt my feet – specifically the back of my ankles.

When removing the camel coat, I have a look that I would typically wear – which is a leather jacket, sweater, ripped jeans and boots. In some photos, you see I have my scarf in the look which I have since it is winter and mostly because it was part of the same color theme I was wearing – black and grey.

Other options you can try is a denim jacket or even a camo printed jacket for added print. As long as you have an oversized coat and one of your favorite go-to lighter jackets then you have a layered look! I definitely want to try to recreate more looks with this idea as the spring is nearing and I am pretty much over wearing my heavy winter coat. I’d like people to actually see my outfits for once… In the words of Cardi B

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