Recycled Wardrobe: How to restyle without breaking the bank

Often I find myself lusting after an outfit I see on Instagram or in a storefront on a manikin. We all get that FOMO feeling when we realize that we don’t have that exact outfit in our possession – or do we? Our minds are quickly overtaken with the idea that we need to have that outfit, or those shoes or that bag or that jacket… and we are dragged back down to reality when we look at the price tag. Accepting defeat is not part of my personality – I may lay low for a minute, but when I do come back it is always with a plan.

So ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have something similar?
  2. Do I know someone who has something similar?
  3. Is this item an investment piece? (SERIOUSLY!)

Do I have something similar?

The number of times I have seen a faux leather jacket and whined “but I WANNNT IT” is infinite. And for the record, I have 4. I am constantly tempted by Instagram with girls keeping up with the latest trends every season and who wouldn’t be? After much research, I have discovered that most of these items are from previous seasons and are recycled every season. So why not do the same?

Over time I have built a wardrobe with key pieces that I have worn for multiple seasons and plan on wearing for many seasons to come. The best part about this is that trends often repeat themselves – so why not look in your closet to see if you have this already? Chances are: you already do!

Do I know someone who has something similar?

We’re girls. Our closets are bigger than we realize. My closet is your closet, your closet is my closet. Tale as old as time: BORROW YOUR FRIENDS CLOTHES!

I don’t have a sister (yet (officially I will have a sister in law this summer)) so my cousins and my friends have been the substitute. We all have a distinct style and the best part is you can constantly change your own by borrowing your friend’s shirt or jacket or shoes. One item can completely change your outfit for the better. My favorite closet to shop in is my cousin Erika’s… clearly, I have mentioned her 100 times over on my blog. She has the perfect balance of sophisticated style as Blair Waldorf and the coolest sporty style that puts anyone in athleisure to shame. Our messages to each other have screenshots of outfits in changing rooms, messages that say “I have that – you can borrow” or “do you have this?”

The perfect example was my New Years Eve outfit – the sequins top I wore was her’s. Instead of running out to buy a sequins top I was going to wear for one night, she had it covered! So girls, ask your friends if any of them have that one item you just need to wear probably one time to get it out of your system.

Is this item an investment piece? (SERIOUSLY!)

So this is the part of my post where I want you to remember you need to be super smart about what you are considering purchasing. And by super smart I mean “I am definitely going to use this for years to come” and not like that girl from Willy Wonka


It took me a few strikes to realize what was worth spending my money on and what wasn’t worth it. Buying something “just because” ended up in that item sitting in my closet and never being worn. We are all drawn to the same few items that we tend to wear over and over again, so why not invest in those types of pieces?

I stopped buying items because they were trendy or to wear it just that one time. Instead, I started to purchase items that I knew I would wear many times and multiple ways. This varied from shirts, sweaters, jeans, and dresses. I am still wearing the same Dynamite dresses that I purchased 3 years ago, GAP jeans from 2 years ago, graphic tee shirts from nearly 7-8 years ago, and a faux leather jacket I purchased 10+ years ago! Granted some of these items wouldn’t be considered a “splurge” but they have lasted me more than a season. What I do suggest splurging on are items that you will use every day: bags, jackets, and sunglasses. My Celine sunglasses and Rebecca Minkoff are featured in just about every post in this blog, I definitely got my money’s worth with both of those purchases. Yes, they were expensive items but I knew that I would use them daily or at least frequently enough where the cost of them is worth it.

Here are some photos of outfits I have worn on the blog multiple times:

Xx Sarah


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