How to Recreate a Look – with items from your own closet!

I love shopping, I know you do too. It’s a rush. It’s my cardio. But this isn’t the best habit to have… yes I shop smart and use every single shopping ninja secret known in the Milky-way Galaxy. Sometimes you just have to get creative. And that is exactly what I did here.

I saw this particular outfit on Pinterest forever ago, and since then I have always envied it. Just the entire grunge look and feel just made my inner teenage self scream with joy – so naturally, I had to recreate it. The only item that I had actually purchased were these new Doc Marten’s 1460… for some time now I had been debating on whether or not to get them since I had a similar pair of boots. Other than that, everything else that I am wearing was something I already owned… even with my other boots the look would’ve been rather similar.

Now you can go one of two routes – recreate the exact look OR pick out similar items that you have which are more of your style. I went with the later since I didn’t want it to be too identical – putting your own spin into outfits is what makes your style unique and yours. Yes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery but never forget to add your own flair to it!

I decided to go with my Zara suede biker jacket for this look because I wanted it mostly to be a matted look, although I am such a sucker for a faux leather jacket – my new jacket from this past fall was screaming to be worn. I layered this with a longer sweater from Old Navy and a tank from Target… and a pair of leggings that I got an unknown amount of years ago. In the photo, she is wearing grey thick socks, which I do not have… and wish I owned because these Docs are a hell of a journey to break in. Instead, I had these Victoria Secret Pink socks that I figured I would bunch up so they would look more like stripes… which they didn’t – and I am ok with that haha.

As for accessories, I already had a black hat from Target and my Rayban sunglasses are relatively new… with their matte look, it was exactly the accessory that I needed. Overall, I am very happy with how the outfit came out. Not only was I comfortable but I also felt like myself in this outfit. I took a bit of inspiration from the internet and declared it my own.

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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