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Workout gear, gym gear, yoga outfit, workout leggings, it’s just a bunch of clothes that you get extremely sweaty in. Over the years I have fluctuated with wearing the same old ratty gym outfits all the time to wearing the cutest outfits as if I had someone to impress. What I had learned is that I tend to gravitate towards the same shirts, pants/leggings, shoes and yes even socks. Over time I had built up my workout gear to full an entire week worth of activity… Do I always work out 7 days a week? No. I’ll wear my workout pants to errands in hopes that I will actually do a workout when I get home.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I tend to rotate the same items and mix and match them in a variety of ways. And these are mostly affordable items too!

My Journey (if you really want to know):

We can all relate to the “new year, new me” resolution where everyone goes to the gym. This last for about a week before a majority of the people at the gym disappear and you see the same people all the time. I became extremely frustrated with this many years ago since I frequently visited the gym, it was my oasis where I could clear my mind of any frustrations I had during the day or in my life. Battling someone for a machine or waiting around to do anything became annoying and I was OVER IT. Rushing home to get changed, changing at work and rushing to the gym hoping to score a spot wasn’t something I thought was worth it. So I switched to working out at home.

Kayla Itsine was popular amongst Pinterest and Instagram for some time with her before and after photos of clients and this really easy 28-minute workout. Back then people called me a sucker for ordering the PDF but these were the same people who begged me to send it to them once I started keeping up with it. For years I have been trying to complete this program on and off. Starting in January and falling off after a few weeks, trying to buy myself some outfits to motivate me to do the quick workout.

Last year I completed nearly 10 weeks of the 12-week challenge and in that time I purchased some items that I’d hope would keep me motivated – since they were smaller than my usual size. Nope. Life happened which set off major excuses. In September I decided to cut the shit and just go for it. Come January I finally completed the 12-week challenge, I skipped some weeks where I was sick and held off on doing these intense workouts. December was my extreme downfall when I was sick for what felt like WEEKS.

To hold myself accountable I decided to share this on my Instagram. Looking back I noticed that I consistently wore the same items over and over again. It sorta made me laugh because I have so many workout pants and shirts!

Mixing & Matching:

A majority of my workout pants are from Nike. This is from when I would go to the gym and it was the only “cool gear” I knew about at the time. These have lasted me for a long while but I have been buried at the bottom of my draw since they are mostly cropped pants. One of my all time go to favorites is the Nike Pro Workout leggings. These are in between high and mid-rise and are a consistent go-to of mine.

Two years ago I purchased some more workout leggings that have been in heavy rotation in all of my outfits: GAP star print leggings, Old Navy Mesh Leggings, Terez Skull workout leggings. What do they all have in common? ALL BLACK. Well except Terez but my point is I gravitate towards black workout pants. The GAP and Old Navy pants are both high waisted which makes me feel secure when working out, no one likes having to pull up their pants mid-rep. The Terez leggings are great, I tend to wear these more when I do cardio or arm workouts since they are mid-rise, although I do love the print the rise of the leggings isn’t my favorite.

Again, I tend to wear the same tops on repeat. I never realized it until looking at these photos since they are all the same haha! Both of the cropped hooded sweatshirts are from Forever 21 and very much inspired by Shay Mitchell’s workout snaps/stories. All of the other muscle tanks are ones I have collected over the years that I wore either to the gym or as part of my loungewear. When working out I HATE having a sleeve, mostly due to the fact I tend to get overheated quickly which leads to me fainting. If I feel as if I have a shirt that isn’t light and breathable then I will struggle during the workout.

Most of the tops I wear are graphic muscle shirts from Target or Forever 21:

Some similar items for you to shop:

Shoes. Let me start out by stating that I have the weirdest shaped feet on planet Earth. Confirmed by a podiatrist, I have mostly a flat foot but with the slightest bit of an arch. Running or jogging is absolutely impossible for me without causing some type of pain in my knees, so the right shoe is absolutely important for me. I found a pair of Nikes that I always wore but it never felt comfortable enough, that was until I started wearing my Nike Rosches. It gave just enough support and felt light enough for me to move in when I was working out. I have been consistently wearing these for YEARS. Until this past Christmas. I was gifted with these Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers and they are even better than the Nikes! Extremely lightweight and again no pain when I am doing any of these workouts. Ultimately I would recommend either to anyone.

My new favorite workout look is this Adidas outfit. I was consistently working out, feeling great and wanted to treat myself to something nice. I got this entire outfit on sale during Black Friday, never wore it until I completed the 12 weeks as a gift for achieving my goal.  Shay Mitchell had been part of the Statement Collection Campaign, which is what sold me immediately. What I also admire most about her is that she works out like a beast and then eats as much pizza as I do, she keeps it real just like I do.


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Adidas Statement Leggings | Addidas Statement Cropped Racer Back Top | Adidas CloudFoam Sneakers

Xx Sarah


  • Miss Gunner
    Posted March 9, 2019 3:36 am

    I love this babe! I love working out too! You look super fit and fab in your work out gear!




    • indecisivelystylish
      Posted March 9, 2019 2:21 pm

      Thank you so much love!! Xx

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