Beis Travel First Impression

It is hard to find a travel line that actually has products that are useful and not just pretty. I am very much for quality over quantity, and unfortunately, I have hit a wall when it comes to travel necessities. Spending too much time on what I was wear rather than what I was packing it in. Shay Mitchell has always been an inspiration to me when it comes to fashion, life, and travel – often I’ve attempted to recreate her looks. But when she released this travel line, I knew that she wasn’t messing around…

I live for watching her stories and her Shaycation videos, Greece being my most favorite and quickly jumped to the top of my bucket list. When I was browsing her Beis Travel line I noticed that these were items that I could actually use. Most importantly, the cosmetic case. I mentioned in my video below that I often travel with 3 makeup cases because I don’t have a proper makeup case to travel with. Since I tend to overpack I wanted something that I knew would be sturdy and also something that I would actually use when traveling – whether it be for a quick overnight stay or off to anywhere out of state!

Initially, that was all I wanted to purchase, but then I saw the weekender. It reminded me of the overnight bag I currently have, which is why I was sort’ve against buying it…. until I remembered that I broke the strap since I overpacked and it clearly could not handle my travel need. So I threw that into my cart as well.

Upon first inspection they looked like any other travel luggage I would expect until I really started to look at them both. I loved the fact that the cosmetic case had a magnetic brush holder which made things a lot easier for when I am traveling and applying my makeup. The mirror was the perfect touch as well, but the most surprising moment was when it fit my favorite makeup palette. You can see my reaction in the video but it was what completely sold me on the fact I knew this was a great purchase!

The weekender bag was also a bit of a surprise when I opened it up. I love that it holds open for you to see what is packed and that there is a separate compartment for your shoes – keeping these things separate is extremely important to me as a germaphobe. I can’t wait to use this for my upcoming trip, and hopefully, I don’t overpack and break the straps!

Xx Sarah

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