All Black Casual Look

Black is my favorite color. That shouldn’t surprise you. But what I love more than wearing black is being casual in all black. My underlying style has remained the same since I was a teenager – graphic tee, jeans, and converse sneakers. Even at 30 I am still dressing relatively the same.

I am constantly preaching on my blog that you should dress for your style… what you like to wear, what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you confident. Can my style vary? Absolutely. I considered wearing my patent leather booties with this look but I really wanted to wear my converse once I knew I had to run out the door for work in the morning.

Previously I would methodically plot out my outfits to share here on my blog. This year I wanted to share with you what I am actually wearing daily, this look is one of the many I have shared here.

Sporting my new tee from Poshmark, I knew that I wanted to sort’ve recreate a look that I saw on Pinterest which I will drop right here…..

Sarah being Sarah, going on my own route for this outfit was necessary. My hair is my natural hair which is wild and wavy. My jeans are my favorite black knee ripped jeans and I wore my thicker leather jacket because per usual the weatherman lied about how warm it was going to be outside. And of course, ending the look with my hightop converse sneakers.

Style is about confidence and I feel extremely confident in my converse. What is your go to item? I’d love to hear them!

Xx Sarah

Outfit details….

  • Style Stalker x Lagerfeld Terminator t-shirt (Poshmark)
  • Dynamite black knee ripped jeans (closet archives) | Similar item from Forever 21 here |
  • Dynamite faux leather jacket (closet archives) | Similar item from Express |
  • Hightop Converse Sneakers
  • Celine Sunglasses

Hairstyle details…

My hair is naturally wavy so I like to let it dry naturally to give it a break from the heat. On damp hair I applied Color Wow curly hair spray extremely generously… I have very thick hair. Then added Not Your Mothers curl cream to give the waves more definition. It also smells really really nice! Then I let my hair air dry overnight. Wake up and ready to start the day!


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