Dresses and Sneakers

I’ve waited awhile to wear this outfit. That perfect day, a day where it’s not too hot and not too cold… the perfect date. Now that I’ve loosely quoted Miss Congeniality let’s get back to the fashion aspect of this post.

Wearing dresses and sneakers is part of my styles aesthetic. It’s not that I don’t like to be girly and wear high heels, they just don’t like me. 


Needless to say, the dress and sneaker trend did not start with me. I am just happy its a trend that I can follow. It brings a balance to the entire look, whether an added edge, touch of casual or a bit of comfort. Living and working in New York City means I am constantly on my feet because I walk everywhere. Walk a full avenue in heels and tell me you aren’t ready to cry and go barefoot.

My personal go-to sneakers tend to be converse, which I would still wear with this look. Instead, I went with these Adidas All-Stars. I’d suggest sizing down a half size with these since they are rather bulky and to be totally honest here, I tied them so tight so I don’t walk out of them!

These shoes bring a classic sneaker vibe.. if you remember Run DMC used to wear these often… and if you are a Bouncing Soul’s fan you’d know they like to “drink beer and wear Adidas.” Ultimately you can wear just about any sneaker with this look… Converse, Adidas, Dad sneakers, Fashion Sneakers, running sneakers. Anything would go with this black body-con dress.

This dress is from Dynamite that I picked up at the end of the summer last year. Why I waited to wear it so long, I have no idea. Possibly because I couldn’t decide how I truly wanted to style it. This is a super fitted dress and shows off my curves in the best way possible. I love how I look in the dress and how I feel in it too – a total winner.

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah


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