White for spring

Can you tell I’m really feeling white for spring? If the monochromatic blog post didn’t do it for you then maybe this outfit will.

Recently, I attended the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference which is for females in the space of fashion, beauty, business, and everything in between – influencers, brands, entrepreneurs, etc. A few years ago I had attended this event to gain more knowledge because I am a true marketing nerd and chose to return again this year since times have changed and digital marketing has continued to evolve. Just like my love for wearing all white.

Per usual I had sifted through Pinterest, Instagram, and rabbit holes of the internet to look for outfit inspiration. I knew I wanted to be comfortable since the conference was a long ass day (8AM – 9PM) and heels were out of the question. Although I initially wanted to wear a slip dress and sneakers I just couldn’t find anything that I really, REALLY, REALLY LOVED.

Alas, the day I decided to wear all white: shopping with my future sister at the mall in Zara. I tried on these pants for shits and giggles to see what they’d look like. I even kept my black leggings on because well they were a pain in the ass to take off and I honestly didn’t think that these pants were going to look cute on me. But I was pleasantly surprised. Their “White Collection” display immediately grabbed my eye, it was sophisticated and yet I could easily make this something of my style.

Wide-legged pants definitely flatter my shape and the way these were cut had a business feel to them. It was the perfect balance to the simple crop top I found with the prettiest rhinestone collar. Obviously, I paired this look off with white converse sneakers. Finally, I had the all-white outfit of my dreams for the conference. I even pushed myself outside of my comfort zone with accessories. Instead of the typical gold, I gravitate towards, I went with silver. These clips from Sincerely Jules x Target were perfect with this outfit. 90’s accessories are in and I am so happy that these perfectly flowed with my look.

I’d also like to be as transparent as these pants had seemed in the lighting of my room. Undergarments are just as important for an outfit. And these pants are well rather see-through IMO. Spanx was absolutely needed and lately I’ve become more of a fan of them then I had realized I’d ever been. They kept everything smooth and I felt a lot less self-conscious wearing them with white pants.

So here is the final look:

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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  1. Create & Cultivate looks like an absolute blast! I love that all white get up and those feather pens!!! Love a good 90s throwback and getting alllll the Clueless vibes from it! x Shannon • www.essellesse.com

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