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It took me a while to decide which look to share first. This black ribbed matching set was the favorite to be photographed first. But that didn’t happen. A self-timer photo session with this pretty white top happened. So in this post, I’m sharing both along with the other matching set.

So I had picked these items up MDW when they were on sale. I know, I know – took me long enough to share right? Well, I’m sharing them now and just in time for the summer weather… apparently, mother nature is on my indecisive time this year when it comes to sunny summertime weather.

I saw this matching set on Caitlyn from How Do You Wear That and I really loved that it was a comfortable matching set with a wide leg crop pant. Although they look extremely long on me in these photos, it is because earlier in the day I got stuck in a torrential downpour on my way to work and my pants were SOAKED.  They dried off and I was determined to get a shot of this look regardless. I’ve worn this outfit twice already and it is extremely comfortable. It has been dubbed my outdoor pajamas since it is THAT COMFORTABLE.

Both the pants and top are ribbed material, it gives an added texture to the simple look especially that I purchased it in all black. The top (currently sold out) also has a knotted detail which I really love, I can also wear this top separately with jeans or even a denim skirt!

The other matching set I got was this navy blue pattern set, again I am all about comfort and clearly crop tops this season. This is a set that I know could be worn together or as separates. These pants are flared and you know I recently have become extremely fond of flared pants. I love that they are high waisted pants too! This top is long sleeved and knots in the front, its such a fun summer look and I can’t wait to wear it! I should mention that it also comes in black if you’d prefer to not wear a patterned outfit.

And of course, the white top that I recently shared. I love how lightweight this top is and the simple details. Since I am trying to wear more white this summer this top is adding to my list of potential items to wear. The only trouble that I’ve had with this top is that it wrinkles very easily. I wore a cami underneath since it is rather transparent but of course, you can wear a lace bralette too to make it more of a fun look!


Xx Sarah


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