KKW Beauty: Mrs. West Collection First Impression

The amount of times I mention her name on my blog is ridiculous. Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion, style and beauty inspiration to me. Not to mention a hell of a businesswoman. We’re both Libras, love fashion, have a booty and we both can’t dance… I could go on but that isn’t the point of this post.

When she came out with the KKW Beauty line I was stoked. It took me a bit of time to order from her site because I really prefer to sample the product prior to purchasing. Her collaboration with Mario is still on my radar, but when I saw the Mrs. West collection I immediately knew I had to have everything. I still remember seeing her wedding photos for the first time and fell in love with her makeup look. Stalking the internet for the exact products that she used, and I’m pretty sure I still have it saved somewhere. But this collection took me one step closer to achieving that look… just for every day though… I’m not getting married any time soon…

I wasn’t able to snag the box set as planned so I purchased everything individually. The packaging was perfect, I still have it saved because its too pretty to toss. I mean just look at it. STUNNING!

The color aesthetic of her makeup line is very neutral and clean, which is something that I like. Consistency is key when it comes to branding – and that is just a fact from my everyday job. Everything looked perfect and I was super excited to try it… but first, we swatch.

I’m going to be honest here. I wasn’t impressed at all with the swatches of the eyeshadows. I was expecting the formula to be potent and long lasting, instead, they looked like they were faded on my arm. On my fingers, they looked beautiful, but once swatched not so much.

The same went for the blush and highlighter. Forever Highlighter is very golden, and although it’s subtle with the swatch, I still wanted some type of pop where I didn’t have to layer the highlighter heavily. The flower wall blush is a lot pinker in person, which I was rather surprised about. I didn’t want to have super pink cheeks where I looked clownish either. Even these swatches were rather weak!


Her lip liner and lipstick were very creamy – the color might not be particularly perfect for my skin tone but I’m sure with a tan it would look better.

My first impression of the swatches of this collection was underwhelming. I was reluctant to try to apply the makeup, but wanting to really hope for a better turn out… I did. And I was pleasantly surprised. The eyeshadow applied beautifully! Blush and highlighter was the perfect amount of subtle I was looking for… the lipstick is a bit too orangey for my skin tone but that’s ok! I still got the lipgloss 😉

My work days are very long with commute included – 6:30AM -7PM. Typically a 12 hour day. And the Mrs. West Collection lasted ALL. DAY. LONG.


So. If I were you. Invest in the Mrs. West Collection. You’ll feel as fabulous as Kim did on her wedding day.

Xx Sarah

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