October Favorites

Want to know what my favorite items in my closet are this month?

No one: No.


Because I know so many of you care about my favorite items. Seriously though, I’m still going to share them.

Abercrombie Jeans: I took a gamble and ordered these over the summer. I was going to share them as a mini haul but I really just lacked the energy to record everything – the burnout phase was strong. Anywhoo… these jeans are all stretchy and I AM OBSESSED! I am wearing a size 29 in all of them and I cannot get enough. You’ll be seeing these on repeat and taking place of my favorite Express jeans. BUY THEM HERE

pearlessence rose water spray.png

Rose Water Spray: This is more so a summer favorite but we all know I had a major burnout and needed some time so this is now a pointless sentence. I keep this in my refrigerator and spray it on after washing my face. IT IS SO REFRESHING! I’ve even used it when applying makeup if my face is feeling dry! BUY IT HERE

pat mcgrath realness lipstick

Pat McGrath Lipstick in the shade Realness: Basically I stalked Kacey Musgrave’s makeup artist’s Instagram until I found this. It is the perfect pink shade and I love wearing it with EVERYTHING. BUY IT HERE

Altuzarra for Target Trench Coat: I’ve been wearing this coat frequently this month, especially on my latest trip. It’s lightweight and roomy enough to layer which makes it perfect for fall. For Target, it was a bit of a splurge but I considered this a nice investment type piece for my closet. And yes, I said an item from Target was an investment piece. Believe it or not, I have many items from Target that I’ve had for YEARS! I’m hoping that this will become one of them. BUY IT HERE

Knit Cropped Tops/Mock Neck Tops: Early 90’s style has really caught my eye so I took a deep dive into the styles to see what I’d like to recreate. These tops are definitely one of them. Most of my pants are high waisted and I kinda have a secret love for crop tops… whether I’m muffin topping or not. Both of these tops that I have are from Zara and Dynamite. BUY IT HERE and BUY IT HERE

Adidas Originals Cropped Hoodie: Confession – I purchased this in the summer during the Nordstrom sale and it took me a while to wear it. I love hoodies and I love not looking like a total frump in a hoodie. Hence this is my perfect chic hoodie. I recently shared this on an OOTD post on my gram – probably going to wear this 100 times over.  Recommendation: purchase a tide to-go pen too. BUY IT HERE

What are some of your favorite items?

Xx Sarah

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