November Wishlist

The shopping carts and favorites, likes, wishlists items on all of my favorite brands or store websites are always full – why? Because I love to shop but I can’t always justify the daily shopping. Especially after researching what sustainability is, I feel incredibly guilty now when I want to buy something.

So this will be a series that I hope to keep up with and make final decisions about my monthly wishlist. This won’t just be strictly fashion items either, I’m going to throw in some beauty products, tools, random Amazon items that may or may not include a bear jacket from Workaholics.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

SMYTHE X JENNY BIRD Collab blazerSMYTHE X JENNY BIRD Collab blazer in black with gold chain – I have been obsessed with this since this moment I saw it. Desperately on the hunt for a similar chain that I can hook a current blazer, I own so stay tuned! I love that this chain is also a necklace. I just wish this didn’t cost so much money!!

Zara Animal Print Platform Boots

Zara Animal Print Platform Boots – ok so I have a pair of doc martens and another pair from ASOS. But. Can one have too many boots? No. I’ve seen the The VersaStyle style these on her Instagram and I am in love!

Vici Dolls Satin Tin Back BlouseVici Dolls Satin Tie Back Blouse_2

Vici Dolls Satin Tie Back Blouse – realistically I have no place to wear this. I wouldn’t even wear it on a date because why would a guy take a girl to a nice spot? Moving away from the passive-aggressive feelings I have a back to why I want this. It’s cute and sexy and fun and I want to wear it using the skims boob tape.


Skims Solution Wear

Skims shapewear – I simply want it all. I truly might purchase some of these items because I find that these are great investments to have. You never know when you are going to need something that will make or break the look. So why not just have them readily available?

Zara Lace Dress

Zara lace dress – I would wear this once. For a photo of a look that I’m trying to recreate. So is it worth it? Should I get it an sell it on Poshmark?

Kacey Musgraves_Adam Selman Sport

Adam Selene Sport – Kacey Musgraves has worn this designer a few times and of course, I need to have it. Do I need to sparkle when I work out? No, because I do it at home. But should I really be spending money on this? Probably not. Will I get it anyway? Maybe.

Black Tule Socks

Tule socks: I don’t know why I love this but I do. Would I honestly be able to walk in heels in these? No. But I can sure as hell stand there pretty for a picture!

ghd platinum+ black styler

GHD flat iron: This has been on my mind since May. I saw this at the C&C conference and I really knew that I needed to invest in a good flatiron because I’m all about that self-care.

So let us take a moment in silence for all of the items left behind in our shopping carts. One day… you will have a home.

Xx Sarah

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