December Wishlist

‘Tis the season to be making wishlists am I right? Surprisingly I’ve struggled this month to come up with a list of things that I want. Maybe I’ve finally reached that point in my life where I don’t value materialistic things anymore? While I wonder separately about this pivotal moment in my life let’s jump into what I’m wishing for right now…

drunk elephant night time serum.png

Drunk Elephant Intensive Hydration Serum: I have the day serum, which I love, but now I want both. I currently have another hydrating serum which leaves my skin oh so incredibly soft. BUT I did try out the sample size of this to see if my skin would have any reaction. And this is just glorious. Until my other serum runs out this will be on my wishlist.

Zara knit set

Zara Cream Knit Jogger Pants ( and matching sweater): Earlier this year I saw a girl at the airport in a cream-colored knit sweat set. Besides the fact it was a bold look to wear to an airport, the place is filled with germs and plenty of opportunities to stain a head to toe cream look… she made it look so comfortable. Since then I have been wrestling with the idea of buying a similar set. I saw this set in person at Zara, which probably no longer exists there since it sells like hotcakes. This would be a nice indoor set to wear on those cozy winter days. Just not in public.

rca mini fridge

RCA Mini Fridge: Skincare is rather important to me now. As I regret the many years of fake tanning, not applying sunblock and being careless, I am now trying to undo all of that damage. I’m 31 now and catching up on appropriate skincare routines, rituals, and products. What hasn’t changed is that I’m a germophobe. I hate the idea that my skincare items that need to be kept cold are in the same area as the food I eat. Thanks to the Skinny Confidential, I can now solve that problem.

marc jacobs camera bag

Marc Jacobs Snapshot DTM Camera Crossbody: Not that I need or truly want a new bag, lately I just take whatever can fit in my pockets, but this definitely caught my eye. It’s small, simple and well it comes in all black.

lone mountain ranch

Trip to Lone Mountain Ranch: Ok this isn’t per se an object, just a place I’d really like to visit. This first popped up on my radar thanks to Shay Mitchell, my travel guru. As much as I’d really love to go to Europe next year, I’m unsure if I’d be able to swing it financially. This place isn’t cheap either but they offer really cool experiences, which is what I am all about. Do you think travel funds exist for singles? I mean you can contribute to your family/friends honeymoon fund but why not your single gal friend? #dreambig

What are some of your items on your wishlist?

Xx Sarah


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