“Chanel” Meets DUMBO

DUMBO really means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass to most people or those who Google the meaning. For me, it always meant where my dad worked. He worked in this area that most people would admire – the cobblestone streets, the old brick buildings, the graffiti, the delicious food. What made his job even cooler is that he worked on the Brooklyn Bridge. Many have walked across it, but he has done that 100 times over and even up to the top of it. Not many can say their dad sent a selfie from the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge.  

I feel as if it is in my DNA to not be afraid of heights, but little did I know it also meant I wasn’t afraid of fitting in too. Since I can remember I always went against the grain if someone told me anything was popular I immediately wanted nothing to do with it. Standing out made me feel ALIVE and most importantly – confident.

Just as my dad confidentially walked to the top of the bridge (and many high rise buildings) without a sweat, I too walked through life not caring what people thought about what I wore. Whether you thought it was scary or not.

Every person on planet earth who visits DUMBO takes photos in the SAME spots. You can literally see the line of people waiting. For my photoshoot, I wanted nothing to do with that. Instead, I took photos near my dad’s shop where he worked. It was dirty, filled with city trucks, construction and the incredibly loud noise of the train passing by above. (Dad, I finally understand why you prefer peace and quiet at home)

The outfits that you all helped me pick out to shoot are looks that are the balance of what my style is: a mix of rock and roll with a touch of girl power. Since I first heard the name Chanel all I could think about is owning anything tweed and feeling absolutely amazing in it. Even if it wasn’t Chanel, it was their iconic fabric choice. As a teenager I discovered grunge, and we all now know where my stem of wearing so much black clothing comes from.

This look is exactly that.

Xx Sarah

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