Zara Plaid Pants

These plaid pants. These damn plaid pants. Sixteen-year-old me would want them in every color. I’m thirty-one now, do I really think I can pull these off? Yes.

For this look, I wanted to jump back to a part of me that was rebellious. To relive those moments in my life were going to local rock shows were my weekends, being part of a crowd where it didn’t matter if you knew the people around you but you were there for the same reason. MUSIC.

Music has been such a huge part of my life since I could remember. In the summers my dad blasted classic rock and we did cannonballs to some of the greatest hits. Year-round we listened to The Beatles. Then I discovered the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and boy bands. I loved everything about music and how it could make you feel.

What I never understood is why you had to be in one genre or another. Lines never blurred. Everything was in categories, just like in Fashion. You were Preppy, Bohemian, Tomboy, or Rocker. Never a mix, always LABELED.

Now I’m not going to get into being punk, punk poser, a poser in general. Anyone can “pose” to be any style but at the end of the day judging someone based on their outfit is pretty rude in my book. This look would label me as a rocker:

But you wouldn’t know that I’ve seen Kacey Musgraves, Lady Gaga, and Blink 182 in the past three years. That’s 3 different genres, yet my outfit labels me as “rock.”

Style is about what YOU like to wear, whether that’s different fashion styles or not. It is about blurring those lines and how you FEEL in look. Much like how you feel when you listen to your favorite song.

So bottom line: if you like it, WEAR IT!

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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