Plaid Skirt by Abercrombie

By far this is my favorite look of the recent shoot I did in DUMBO. When I ordered this skirt from Abercrombie I was hesitant that it would fit me properly. My hips are a lot wider then my very angled photos lead on. Luckily this skirt fits me perfectly, and I really enjoy the idea of wearing it in the winter. 

Skirts in the freezing cold give me immediate flashbacks to my high school days. You see, I went to a private high school where uniforms were mandatory. In the winter you were expected to freeze your legs off because the girl’s uniform did not include pants. This was over 10 years ago and my have times changed. I hated standing on the street waiting for my local bus to pick me up so I didn’t have to stand there with my legs shivering. 

Over 10 years later and skirts still haunt me. But for this look, I’ll make the exception.

Believe it or not, this is could be a fun holiday look. If you’d like to switch out the doc martens for these over the knee boot options or these platform booties you totally can! The beauty of this look is that it is simple and easily interchangeable.  

Outfit details…

See this look in action:

Xx Sarah

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