January Wishlist

After the holidays I am very grateful for all of the gifts that I have received, whether it was big or small or quality time with family. [small pause]

Now that we have that humble sentence out of the way, let’s jump into the things I have been lusting after all month but just haven’t pulled the trigger in getting…


Kate Somerville Hydration Warriors Set: My skincare guru (my cousin in law) raved about this back in December. Now that I am in my 30’s I really give a hoot about my skincare and preserving it. Hearing “you wanna look like a leatha suitcase when ya older?” really just did its number on me. I started a bit in my later 20’s but probably not as much as I should’ve. This has received great reviews AND if you are purchasing for the first time on their site they offer a percentage off. Consider me sold (when I get my tax refund).


Faux Leather Dress: Obviously I couldn’t pick just ONE that I really wanted. This obsession started back in late September where I saw a girl wearing a leather dress. She looked on point for a Friday morning, and I well looked hungover and grumpy. Since then I have been on the hunt for a really cute leather dress. My biggest concern is sweating so I’d need room for my armpits to breathe. All of these are from ASOS and under $50! Belted Wrap Dress | Faux Leather Shift Dress | Wrap Dress


Lisa Frank Shirt: I have searched the internet high and low for this item. Found many on Poshmark but none of which are available. What is my obsession with this may you ask? Two words, one name: LIZZIE MCGUIRE

It was seen on Hilary Duff in a preview of the reboot of one of the greatest shows on Disney. If you didn’t watch Lizzie McGuire growing up then I’m not sure we can be friends. SOMEONE HELP ME FIND THIS!


Saint and Sofia Rock and Roll Scarf: This appeared as an advertisement on Instagram and let’s just say they nailed it with their target audience. I really think I might buy it though before I even post this, to be honest. Stay tuned…


Manolo Blahnik Lurum: Now I typically never wear heels on this blog, and if I have I really didn’t wander far in them. These shoes I have seen on nearly every blogger that I admire for their designer wardrobe. I have the perfect look in mind for how I can make them my very own… but I cannot justify spending that kind of money on a shoe. Hi, I make no money and live in one of the most expensive cities on planet Earth. Some day they will be mine… someday.

Xx Sarah


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