Dresses for Winter

I cannot believe that I am about to write this sentence. Dresses for winter. My new favorite style for this year. Typically at the end of the summer season, I always pack away my dresses or push them to the back of my closet. This year I found myself pulling those dresses out and bringing them to the front once again. 

This look combines my 2 favorite items from each season: a blazer and my all-time favorite dress. I really scored with this dress from Dynamite, it has been worn thin and I’m slowly acknowledging that it may be on its last season. Luckily, Leath at Nordstrom’s has a very similar style dress – and in so many different colors!

Blazers are also one of my go-to items for the winter. I love to wear them with graphic tees or a cami for a fun look. So why not wear them with a dress? My inspiration came from this photo I found on Pinterest. This is incredibly simple and yet super chic. 

For this look, I also wanted to focus on my accessories. I love to wear yellow gold jewelry – necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, and rings. But my bags are more so black and silver. I’ve embraced mixing metals more in the past couple of months. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! It even goes as far as my 2 favorite rings. The ocean wave ring I purchased over the summer for Shark Week. I love wearing it as a constant reminder of how the ocean keeps me calm. The moon and star ring I purchased on my trip to Montreal from a little pop up shop. Again it has a special meaning for me! I’m wearing my three favorite necklaces which are layered. The choker and moon necklace are from Bauble Bar’s collection with Shay Mitchell (unavailable). The arrow necklace is a necklace that I wear daily and was gifted to me by family.

This backpack was the bag that I used for work for almost a year! I got it one sale before Henri Bendel closed. It was a different style backpack which I loved and of course, it’s smaller than my other backpacks. The reason why I added it to this look was that it reminded me of something I’d probably wear to work. Luckily my office has a casual dress code, as do most companies have now, so this would be a fun way to balance the entire outfit! 


Outfit details…

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