How I styled an Oversized Jacket

When I initially purchased this oversized plaid jacket from Zara I had no idea how was going to specifically wear it. I knew that it would probably look cute with leggings and be a statement jacket since it is an oversized red plaid jacket. Although I felt that it was specifically best for Fall, I really wanted to force its way into my winter wardrobe. 

How was I going to do that?

I had been searching for inspiration high and low – from walking around NYC to Instagram to Pinterest. What I had been noticing is that oversized and statement outerwear was a trend, especially in the winter. You basically have 2 looks in one if you think about it. I never really considered having a statement coat or what that entailed. Especially because it is about 40 below here in NYC during the winters. I wanted to be WARM not JUST FASHIONABLE.

So when I was putting looks together for my session with Amanda it dawned on me that I could use this oversized plaid jacket and make the entire shot about this coat.


Obviously, this is colorful for me since I tend to wear 100 shades and textures of the color black. I loved the raw fringe detail at the bottom of the coat, it was what caught my attention when I first purchased it. 

And now, this is definitely a look I will be wearing… from a car to my destination. 

Outfit details…


Xx Sarah

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