March Wishlist

Given that February was a short month and a hell of a month at that. My wishlist is rather short because I was slowly purchasing things to make myself feel better. For March I’ve decided to put that focus into working out rather than items and maybe next month’s wishlist will be even more colorful and full of spring….

Yeah I don’t believe that either.


Vici Dolls Tie Die Lightning Bolt Tee: I can’t believe that I’m including color in this post but here we are. This is a super cute tie dye top for the spring and I can wear it out or even just at home because I am so shameful to be seen out in public that isn’t black or white. Anyway, this is super cute and I may or may not find an excuse to purchase this. BUY IT HERE


Vici Dolls Organza Sleeve Top: I already have a similar organza top from Amazon in black, but this is in white. Which is my spring/summer color, or at least I’m trying to make it be my color? The organza sleeve style looks softer in the photo which caught my eye the most. Will I buy this? Stay tuned…  BUY IT HERE


Starlow Black Windbreaker Jogger Set: I saw this set on Instagram from Sarah Najafi and I really wish that I found it sooner. Why? BECAUSE IT IS SOLD OUT IN MY SIZE! This windbreaker set brings me back to the 90’s and I am really here for the 90’s trends returning. You can even wear a cute black crop tank underneath too! BUY IT HERE


Zara Slip Dress with Chains: Are we surprised here to find a black slip dress as part of my favorites? No. I love the chain detail since that is what sets this aside from other slip dresses. Could I make this chain slip dress a DIY? Probably. Will I do it? Probably not. Either way, I want this dress. BUY IT HERE

Xx Sarah

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