What I’d be wearing if I wasn’t in Quarantine

Its been almost 3 months in quarantine and I’ve worn jeans a total of three times. THREE TIMES! We are all living in leggings, sweat pants, or some type of loungewear. But recently I decided enough was enough. 

I’m going to put on pants.

This is a simple outfit that I would be wearing if I weren’t stuck in quarantine. These high neck ribbed tops are my absolute favorite to wear, I picked this up from Dynamite (shop a similar style or this one too) last year. You can find these tops in Express or even ASOS

Express jeans have always been a favorite of mine for a few reasons. They offer short lengths that fit me perfectly and I generally love the fit of Express’ pants in general – jeans and dress pants. These white jeans (shop a similar style) have the distressed look that I love to wear and a black stripe down the side for some added style. I planned on wearing these a lot more this spring and into the summer. 

And of course, I’d pair this black and white look with my all-time favorite converse sneakers

What would you be wearing if you weren’t in quarantine?

Xx Sarah

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