Street Style: White Series

I’ve always loved white for spring. Yeah sure maybe it matched the color of my super fair skin but it didn’t stop me from wanting to wear it.

These white pants by Zara have been in my closet since last year. And I wasn’t too sure how I was going to style them or wear them. To be frank wearing white pants isn’t easy. Worrying about how thin the material is, wearing the right undergarments, being hyper aware of your surroundings so you don’t dirty your whites. It’s a lot to think about, especially for an anxious over thinker like me.

But when I put this look together it felt right. We’re the sneakers part of my original look? No. In fact I broke the strap to my favorite Steve Madden sandals just moments prior. I hated improvising but it made the look more of my style with the Adidas super-stars.

My top is from ASOS (alternative style here) and I am obsessed with this corset style. This is absolutely a look you can make casual with jeans or shorts!

They perfectly paired together for my white spring look…. in the woods. Of New York forgotten borough.

My favorite accessories was this skeleton hand hair clip. I saw something similar on Pinterest and started digging on Amazon. I loved that this was gold and had a hint of red. It gave my all white outfit a hint of color.

Outfit Details…

Xx Sarah

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