White Series: Pinterest Recreation

Pinterest is such a source of inspiration for fashion and style. The problem always lies in the fact that it has been shared and circulated throughout Pinterest so much that the source isn’t always clear. So how do I know where to shop the look? 

Luckily for me, I have my master’s in internet searching. I was able to narrow down this to a Zara Pleated Tunic Top (last season) and I’ve been nervous to wear it out. Why you may wonder?

This dress is so sheer that one breeze and well. I will be Marilyn Monroe. 

But I was so determined to wear this dress and show off this look. Similar to the Pinterest look I wore boots, who knew I’d still be wearing my Dr. Martens 1460s into the spring. I love how the dress is balanced out between grunge styles – the suede moto jacket and Dr. Martens 1460s boots. This look is the perfect representation of my style – rock and roll with a touch of girl power. 

Although the Pinterest look showed a faux leather jacket, I didn’t like how either of my faux leather jackets looked with the pleated tunic top. Instead, I grabbed my suede moto jacket from Zara. For some reason, I prefer the way this style fits me over others and will absolutely be purchasing this in faux leather for the fall. 

My accessories for this look were simple and my forever go-to items: Celine sunglasses and my Rebecca Minkoff Quilted bag. Both are unfortunately unavailable but I’ve linked some similar items below.

Shop the look…


Xx Sarah

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